Even in fall, Orkut is still preferred in Brazil

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orkut x faceThe first social network launched by Google, Orkut, still makes a lot of success Brazil. We know that in some countries the social network had not, However, in our country, always made the most successful.
According to a study by the consulting firm Experian Hitwise, Orkut still leads regarding the use of social networks in Brazil. The result of the study shows that Orkut has 40,51% de participação de market na categoria rede social e fóruns no mês de setembro, of course, If compared to the same period last year, the index fell in 19,41%.

In the same period last year 2010, the Facebook era uma rede social nova no Brasil e tinha participação de apenas 3,92%. Now, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg has an index of 24,61%. The third place in the same category is YouTube,with participation of 17,80% da preferência dos users Brazilians. However, the new Google social network took off not with the first, Google has only 0,65% for participation, getting into ninth place ranking.

How can we realize, the result of the Experian Hitwise are not compatible with earlier surveys conducted, Since, Ibope had reported that Facebook had overtaken Orkut.
It is noticeable the rise of Facebook in our country, However, Orkut, remains a great power. I believe that, many people have not left the Orkut to Facebook, But yes, have accounts in both social networks or even more, vale lembrar que cada company of Search possui uma metodologia diferente então, When it comes to percentages next it is quite possible that there is a difference of result.

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