Robot allows control of the eyes and movements

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Telesar V

Uma nova invenção japonesa lembra muito uma technology usada no filme “Avatar”, directed by James Cameron. This is the Telesar V, a robot that may have eyes and controlled remotely by the user movements.

A única difference entre o filme e a realidade é que, in fiction, the moves were made via brainwaves. Here, o usuário precisa usar uma roupa complete, with gloves, helmet and a vest, para que o control se torne possível.

Second o The Telegraph, the gloves allow the reproduction of the touch and feel of temperature and texture of objects. As in the case of eyes, the robot sees is reproduced in 3 dimensions in user's helmet, giving the impression of depth.

The Telesar V was created to explore dangerous situations, where a human would be unable to reach, as the disaster of Nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture 2011. Like this, researchers, Police and rescue officers can send a robot, But having a human being behind, What makes decisions faster and more accurate.

Sho Kamuro, a team of scientists, says: “When using the Telesar and I move my hands, I see turned into robot hands. AND, When I move my head, I see through a completely different perspective ". He explains that experience is strange, Since it seems that you're really a robot.

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