Brazil is 3rd largest consumer of the world's PCs

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As vendas de computers no Brasil totalizaram 15,4 million units in 2011, high 12 per cent over 2010, announced on Thursday the IDC research group.

O resultado consolida o país na terceira posição no mercado mundial de computers, behind only China and United States.

computador novoAccording to IDC, 55 percent of sales were from notebooks and netbooks and 45 percent were for desktops.

Only in the last quarter of last year, were sold 4,2 millions of computers, a growth of 10 percent compared to the same period in 2010. The number does not take into account the sale of tablets in Brazil, nor for smartphones.

Brazilian growth Electronics is the main reason behind the recent investments announced by Foxconn, Apple's manufacturer, in Brazil. A rede taiuwanesa montará cinco fábricas no país para produzir devices Electronics.

The Brazil is seen by Foxconn, Apple and other grandes players deste setor como um mercado em franca expansão, that could offset the losses that already occur in the richest markets, as Europe, facing serious crisis and recession.

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