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O Aeroporto Internacional do Kuwait vai increase significativamente sua capacidade e estabelecer um centro aéreo regional no novo Golfo por meio de um projeto sustentável.

aeroporto kuwaitThe strategic goal of the project will be accompanied by a terminal building, which aims to provide comfort for passengers, In addition to defining an environmental milestone for international airports.

The building's design balances the space with simplicity, ease of use and has a structure inspired by shapes and local materials. It will have few changes of level. The terminal has a trefoil plan, with three wards of boarding gates. Each facade measures 1,2 km with an extension from a central space with 25 feet tall. The concrete structure provides thermal mass and the roof has solar panels to collect energy.

It must have a single glazed roof with openings capable of filtering the light of day, While divert the direct solar radiation. The coverage extends the shadow to protect an entrance square. It is supported by concrete columns with organic shapes, inspired by the movement of the sailing boats, Kuwait's traditional.

With this major reform, Kuwait wants to receive LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and become the first Airport in the world to achieve this level of environmental certification. This green label represents that the construction is known and accepted internationally according to sustainable practices.

The landing location will have the baggage area surrounded by Cascades of water for cooling. The landscaping around the airport will have an oasis around the building with the native species of desert along the access road.

The master plan was designed by British architectural firm Foster and Partners. Initially, the airport will accommodate 13 million passengers per year, that number may increase to 25 million and to accommodate 50 million passengers with greater development.

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