Video game about the adventures of a pig makes worldwide success

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Three young Chilean entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the explosion of next-generation mobile phones to create, with few resources, a video game that has as protagonist Eddie, a friendly pig, whose adventures they have produced around the world.

The brothers Nicolas and Diego Palacios, of 25 and 21 years respectively, not studying computer science, but the economy, and joined the artist Andres Cortes to create the ePig Games, a company dedicated to the development of these applications.

The headquarters of this company's operations, away from the technological pole of Silicon Valley, It is in a small room of the House of the parents of the brothers Palacios, in the nation's capital.

De Santiago, Nicolas takes care of programming and Diego creates the stories and phases through which the protagonist will pass, While Andres is dedicated to improving the design of video games that, According to its creators, It was very well accepted in more than 16 countries and, in a year and a half, reached 1,5 a million downloads.

e pig dash

The success of the adventures of Eddie is due to the explosion of next-generation mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, that caused a paradigm shift in the video game industry.

The saga of ePig Games dates back to 2008, When the brothers Palacios purchased a Macintosh, downloaded the Game Maker, an application to generate video games for iPhone, and started a hobby which ended with the creation, in 2010, your own company.

“In the beginning, We've created a game that she estimated the level of users ' virility, In addition to an application for Magi, and both have made a remarkable success”, Remember Nicolas in an interview with Efe Agency.

But it was in October 2010 the brothers Palacios came to believe in your project and created the ePig Adventure, a premium version in which the charismatic pink pig Eddie should divert a series of obstacles.

“We had the idea, but lacked a cartoonist to make attractive character”, recalls Nicolas.

So, they put an advertisement in the Internet to find a designer and, Finally, Nicolas met at a diner de Santiago, with the advertiser Andres Cortes, that has improved the image of Eddie.

“When you know Andres, our game has improved 100%”, They said the brothers Palacios. This done, launched the ePig Dash, a free version of the game that, in April 2011, ranked first in the list of the most downloaded at the Apple store for countries like Chile, Mexico, Finland, Argentina, Norway and Switzerland, between other.

“The secret of our games is that they are simple and the user can play wherever you want and how you want to”, emphasizes Nicolas.

With the success of the adventures of Eddie, the ePig Games won the award in Chile's national multimedia category 2011, as well as a check for $ 40 Chile's Government granted thousand new businesses.

In may, Nicolas, Diego Andres and shall submit this project at the prestigious fair Game Developers Conference (GDC), in San Francisco, in the United States.

“This will serve to present our work to the world and seek an investor who is interested in developing the game”, said, hopeful, the young Nicolas. information

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