Study links creativity to drink and insomnia

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Independently, two American universities conducted studies that, together, vão na contramão do senso comum quando o assunto é performance e criatividade.

As pesquisas afirmam que nosso cérebro produz as best ideias quando somos privados de sono ou estamos sob efeito de álcool. The information is from Wired magazine.

xadrez bebidaTHE first study, the University of Illinois, in Chicago, comprovou que students respondem melhor a questões de lógica ou que exigem pensamento “out of the box” When you consume alcohol.

In testing, scientists compared the results of pupils and those who have ingested alcohol sober. The result showed that those who had drunk resolved the issues in less time. According to researchers, They showed 30% more chances of finding a solution to the questions.

I have another study, This held at Albion, in Michigan, tested 400 University students during their algebra tasks, in the morning and evening. Aqueles que responderam às questões enquanto se sentiam sonolentos tiveram sua performance aumentada em 50%.

The controversial results show that, in front of a pile of deadlines, the pair home and balance – not necessarily – drive the inspiration or the creation.

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