Traditional trade charges until 25% more than online stores, study says

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The old habit of consumer spending by walking shoe soles for bargain price stores no longer worth more. Alguns cliques na internet podem representar uma economia de muitos reais na hora de comprar eletrodomésticos, Electronics, toys and even medicines, between other produtos comparáveis.

rua do comercioSurvey by the State last week, in which identical items were selected, sold under the same physical stores and online, reveals that the price in the traditional trade can be approx. 25% greater than that charged in online commerce. Example: While a refrigerator frost free duplex, of 352 litres, the brand Brastemp, cost, in sight, R $ 1.999 in the physical store, left by R $ 1.583,01 on the company's website, with free shipping. THE difference entre o preço da loja física e o da internet é de R$ 415,99.

The story repeats itself in the case of a LED TV, of 32 inches, from Samsung, Model D 5.500. The spot price in physical store is $ 1.799 and, in virtual shop, R $ 1.424, also with free shipping. A difference of $ 375.

In addition to the prices of identical products are lower in the internet when compared to those of physical stores, the average behavior of the quotations in the trade online more to fall trend (deflation) than to increase (inflation). Two indicators calculated by different institutions point to this trend.

The Fipe Index/Buscapé discharged for ten categories of products sold in online commerce has accumulated deflation of 10,54% between January and December 2011. Just to compare the behavior of prices of physical stores and virtual trade, The Economist Sergei Crispim, index Coordinator, calculou o indicador para uma mesma cesta de produtos com preços cotados na internet e preços coletados nas lojas físicas pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) for the calculation of the official inflation, the IPCA.

In both product baskets, prices fell last year, but the biggest setback occurred on the internet. The price indicator on the internet had fallen 8,5% in the past year. The same indicator is calculated on the basis of prices collected on indentation had physical stores 7,07%.

In a comparison made by Ibevar/Prove & Associated Consultants Felisoni, who calculates e-flation – another internet inflation index, shows that, in 2010 and 2011 – four groups of products, prices had deflation in the books (13,9%), Electronics (24,8%) and toys (3,1%). In the same period, There was inflation in books (10,1%) and in toys (8,5%) in physical stores.

Electronics prices already in the traditional trade fell (7,2%), but far fewer than in virtual stores. Finally, drug prices have soared both in physical stores (7,9%) how virtual nas (5,6%), but quotations of online commerce registered a high minor.

“Deflation predominates on the internet”, says Claudio Angelo Felisoni, President of Ibevar/Prove. He explains that this movement occurs because the virtual market has cost less than the physical store, This is, energy costs, rent, etc. In addition, the cost of comparison is very low. “This cost is one click of the consumer”, says the Economist. Ele pondera que a evolution tecnológica na redução dos preços dos eletrônicos, for example, also contributed to this. But ends up being stepped up in sales over the internet.

“Deflation of prices in the long run if not claimed”, says Crispim, the Fipe/Buscapé. He says that manufacturers that supply the internet are the same suppliers of physical stores and the trend is raising prices. In his opinion, the internet's current deflation reflects a hiperconcorrência phase.

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