The United States approves car traffic-free drivers

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Carros conectadosNevada foi o primeiro estado norte-americano a aprovar cars que dispensam motoristas. A regulamentação foi um passo importante para que projetos ainda em development, related to automobiles without drivers, become a reality.

According to the authorities of the State, the vehicles autônomos de teste terão uma placa vermelha e, quando a technology for aprovada, the cars will have a green card. The authorities also stated that the State worked with Google and other manufacturers, In addition to universities and insurance companies to develop professional standards and conduct tests. In 2011, the search giant unveiled a stand-alone car prototype, not yet tested on public roads. “Nevada is the first State to embrace something that, certamante, is the future of automobiles. These regulations establish standards that companies must meet to test their vehicles in public places. It's a great opportunity”, commented Bruce Breslow, Director of the Department of motor vehicles.

Other estados americanos também têm projetos similares e devem seguir o exemplo de Nevada nos próximos meses.

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