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 empresa tablet mais barato mundo  A British company claims to have developed the cheapest tablet with wireless access to the internet. The firm, Datawind call, expects to sell the device for billions of customers around the world in two versions.

For students, a version of the tablet will leave the 35 dólares. A more advanced model will sell for 50 dólaredollars

The tablet, called Aakash, faz parte de um programa de technology da informação patrocinado pelo governo indiano. The company provided 100.000 tablets to students from India. According to Suneet Singh Tuli, Datawind's CEO, the company has received approximately 30.000 orders per day. “Altogether, 3 millions of people have already made requests”.

Singh claims that the Aakash not competes with the iPad, Apple's, because the British company is behind another type of client. “Pessoas de pouca renda em países em development que estão procurando pelo primeiro computer”. In India, country Christmas Singh, 8% the population of 1,2 billion is connected to the internet.

O Google previu em setembro que o número de internautas na Índia triplicaria em três anos se houvesse alguma forma de acessar a grande rede por devices sem fio. The Datawind tablet aims to leverage this opportunity suggested by Google.

Despite the technical limitations, as darker screen and touch commands with less sensitivity, the Datawind believes the tablet cheap will help warm up the market. After India, the company plans to sell the device in Thailand, Egypt and Latin America, including the Brazil.

– Aakash datasheet -

For only 35 dollars, the British tablet is simple and with little autonomy:

• Operating System: Android THE 2.3
• Processor: Cortex A8, 700 Mhz with HD video
• Ram: 256 MB
• Storage: (Of Procedure) 2GB Flash / (External) support up to 32 GB
• Peripherals: 2 USB ports (Version 2.0)
• Video resolution: 7 screen″ with 800×480 pixels
• Screen: Resistive Touch Screen
• Connectivity to cellular network and WiFi
• Autonomy: Until 180 minutes of battery and power cable

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