Device allows owners to monitor animal health via SMS

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Researchers at the University of Strathclyde, in England, started a project of $ 2,2 milhões (about $ 3,7 milhmillion produce the “Smart collar”, a device that will allow business owners to manage their health through cows SMSs.

The collars will use the technology 3D sensors present in the controls of the Nintendo Wii to monitor the position of the heads of cows. Like this, any change will be warned and sent to the owner via a local wireless network. A posição das cabeças identifies o estado da vaca. If she lowers her head, for example, indicates that she is sick. The sensor can also identify if the cow is in heat, allowing the owners to increase the services, According to the CNet.

The “Smart collars” also serve to collect and analyze data, having a tool support for help. According To Annette MacDougall, CEO of Embedded Technology Solutions, the equipment can also make the control of animals through the food chain.

David Evans, Head of Agriculture of Morrisons, great British retailer, says “This technology can help ensure [the future of agriculture], allowing farmers to monitor the health status of individual cows more easily and accurately”. He explains that the collars will also help the economy, keeping the food at affordable prices.

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