Big mistakes committed during a job interview

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EmpregosA Search realizada com mais de 3 mil gerentes e profissionais de resources humanos, published by Forbes magazine, aimed to understand what are the biggest mistakes candidates make during a job interview.

The climate of tests and interviews can cause stress and even justify some gaffes. However, According to the study, the nervousness by the lack of preparation is the fault of the candidate himself, you need to do the “homework” before you offer to some vague.

The Vice-President job site CareerBuilder, Rosemary Haefner, says that it is common for candidates to be anxious and fail to expose their best. On the other hand, There are people who are confident and articulated, but do not scan anything about the Organization and lose points. Another big mistake, According to the Executive, é referir a si mesmo usando a third pessoa ou usar roupas inapropriadas. These details can become determining factors in the hour of choice. In addition, According to the Executive, answer a call or reply to a text message during the interview is one of the biggest reasons candidate elimination in selection process. Rosemary also stated that the lack of interest of the person is also one of the factors that most influence on the choice of candidate.

Talk about negative things from your current job or previous jobs are also considered inexcusable errors. Outside this, the arrogance and until the gum during the chat may end up with the candidate's chances. “Speak ill of former or current bosses and co-workers sucks. O candidato é visto como pouco Professional or, still, You can give the impression that you cannot build positive relationships with your colleagues. If you've had a negative experience at some jobs, talk only about what you learned from the challenges”, says Rosemary.

The Executive said that it is important to practice the speech to stay calm and focused. In addition, It is extremely necessary to arrive punctually at the interview. She even suggests: do exercises before the interview, eat right, saia bem antes do zone marcado e, When you're there, Let your personality, professionalism and skills speak louder.

“Remember that the employer is hiring only a list of skills and achievements, He is hiring the whole person: your personality, curriculum, critical thinking and creative ability. The impression that you spend during the interview will be, most of the time, a determining factor in the choice of time”, concluded.

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