Your reputation on the internet might be worth more than money

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Vida real x virtual

In the current times, When everything is related to internet, It is difficult to discern what is more important: real life or a virtual. Why, a new species of “social class” comes popping up: the influential people on the internet. And some times, in this new universe, people are much more recognizable even than in life “real”.

But, does your online reputation can be worth more that his monetary condition?. To Paige Craig, investor in more than 50 companies and co-founder of Betterworks – a platform online business -, the answer is “Yes”.

In an interview for the site Business Insider, He says that in the real world you can not be anyone influential or important, “but, online, You can be a King”. Because of this belief, Craig has invested in Klout, a service measuring online influence. American, that today is influential millionaire and on the web, had a poor childhood. Why, acredita que o money não revela o real valor de cada um.

“The reputation becomes more important that his account at the Bank. Your credit score back to being as you pay your bills. Is a metric that unites the world. AND, When we get to a point where we have a constant currency around the reputation, much more can be done”, explains.

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