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Geração Y

The name “Generation Y” is given to those born from decades of 70 or 80. However, never created a term to determine young people who came after this class, que já nasceram em um mundo com excesso de content, onde a socialização e o compartilhamento de experiências se dão através de devices móveis ou conectados à internet. So, The Nielsen, digital research company, He coined the term “Generation C” to label this personnel.

The group represents young people who are between 18 and 24 years of age, defined by digital connectivity. This group already represents 23% population of USA, According to Mashable.

This slice of population is responsible for assisting the 27% of online videos, constitute 27% of visitors to social networks, owning 33% of tablets, use 39% of smartphones e representar 23% of television viewers.

Nielsen made a graph showing sexual divisions, ethnic and age on each of these segments. In the case of television viewers, for example, the infographic shows that white people watch more TV that black and Asian. Also points out that women watch more online videos that men.

Nielsen says “the possession and use of devices connected causes the generation C is composed of single consumers and amazing, representando desafios e opportunities para os fabricantes e provedores de conteúdo. The generation C is engaging in new ways to communicate and, There are more points of contact for the manufacturers to achieve”.

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