Dropbox cloud battle heats up with photo upload feature

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Dropbox announced on Thursday a new feature to upload photos to smartphones Android, What can increase its competition with Google, Apple and other rivals vying for the growing market of online solutions for storage.

With a click, the new service will allow the user to upload high resolution photos from your smartphone to the “cloud” virtual, where the files can be accessed via any computer or mobile device.

dropbox logoDropbox only offers storage space to users. The service does not have photo editing features or image manipulation, contrary to what happens with Picasa, Google's.

Instead, Drew Houston, the company's Chief Executive, hopes that external developers to develop applications for this purpose.

Houston said the new facility was small but significant step toward cultivating a prosperous “ecosystem” around the platform Dropbox. In the case of photos, for example, the company can encourage independent programmers to develop image retouching programs.

“Facebook links a user and their social graph to an ecosystem that offers different services”, said Houston. “We plan similar thing for Dropbox”.

He added that “This is something important to us, This year”.

Although the initial version of the application should serve only to smartphones equipped with Google Android, a version for the Apple iOS will come out soon, informed the company. Each user will have 500 megabytes of storage space, After the initial upload, and you can get up to three gigabytes of free additional space.

The new application of Dropbox, that meets the huge consumer demand for photographic services, will serve to “guarantee and solidify the company's position as a file sharing service, without trying to go further, What I think is an intelligent decision”, said James Staten, an analyst at Forrester Research. information

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