Technology revolution changing relationship with the household

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geladeira inteligenteCell phones that seem to televisions, televisions which would by cinema screens, submersible photo cameras and internet connected washers. The appliances are immersed in a revolution that threatens to forever change the relationship of users with such apparatus.

The consumer electronics show CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in January in Las Vegas (USA) showed changes that gradually are managing to break down the boundaries between the various household uses frequent. The clearest example is perhaps the phones. We are already accustomed to consult the internet anywhere thanks to the connectivity of smartphones. However, Smartphones give a step further by incorporating improvements on their screens to support content in HD quality, making it possible to take a TV in your Pocket.

With a screen that supports high-resolution pictures and a dual-core processor, 1,5 GHz, o novo Xperia S de Sony representa essa aposta dos fabricantes em incluir em seus devices telas potentes capazes de reproduzir conteúdos com altos padrões de qualidade.

The industry trend to bet on “portable cinema” There comes also through Samsung these days presented the Galaxy tablet 7.7. If one of the stars of the CES was the flat 55 polegadas com technology Super OLED da Samsung, This same indentation applied to the Galaxy line tablet to show content with a color depth and a definition in ways that will raise the audiovisual content on tablets to a superior level.

Os novos releases confirmam que a moda dos smartphones não é uma coisa passageira nem para os usuários nem para a indústria. Calum McDougall, responsible marketing line of Xperia smartphones, explained to EFE that the company's strategy does not contemplate, for the time being, the development de telefones que não sejam inteligentes. “This does not mean that we will reduce the public we arrived, What we want is to make it easy for everyone to use this type of phones”.

Film TV
The televisions are growing a few years ago, Since flat panels replaced the tube televisions, but this change, away to leave more space in the room, contributed to the standards of screen TVs increased. As seen in recent presentations by manufacturers such as LG and Samsung, soon we will pass the standard 40 for 55 inches.

The quality of your images – Thanks to the introduction of OLED technology at a price that aspires to be soon accessible to the general public – and for its size, This new generation of televisions, where are already frequent the internet connection and the images in three dimensions, transform the living room.

In addition to still go to Sony 4 k projectors line, offering a resolution four times greater than the HD format. Very soon if you can buy a home version of this device already used in some 10 thousand cinemas worldwide.

At Las Vegas market, the experts which showed the news from Sony could be reconciled with the idea that, aside from the question of whether the European salons rely on reasonable size enough to make these size standards, the American market demand “larger screens”. And manufacturers are striving for a larger TV is synonymous with a better TV thanks to allies such as the OLED technology, or the advances that are being made in stereoscopic images.

Washers who speak
It is no longer a novelty that the fridges take delivery of make a shopping list and cool the food inside. What is more amazing is the proposal from Samsung that incorporated their fridges with touch LCD screen and Wi-Fi access to Facebook to share revenue or, simply, interagir com other usuários enquanto se está na cozinha.

Internet connected also reaches new LG washer. Via an application to the mobile phone, who is this washer can gain access to the function “Smart Diagnoses” of domestic appliances, they will send a notice if a stop and assess the need to call a technician, In addition to alert in case of leaving the washer door ajar or any other distraction.

Furnaces that are at the same time microwave, toaster and kitchen Bell, video cameras that serve at the same time film projector and submersible pictures cameras with access to social networks are other examples that different appliances have increasingly fuzzy boundaries and try to make life easier for the user.

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