The inventor of email did not invent the email

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V.A. Shiva AyyaduraiV. THE. Shiva Ayyadurai is a fraud who for years was regarded as the mind behind the email. Is this what you think a group of geeks, According to Gizmodo. The story came to light last week after a story conveyed by the Washington Post.

The article in question stated that the Smithsonian Museum acquired tapes, documentation, copyrights and over 50.000 lines of code that includes the invention of email. According to the text, the lines of code that produced the first "bcc", "cc fields", "" and "" were the fruit of the imagination of a child with so 14 years of age, a descendant of Indians called States certain VA Shiva Ayyadurai.

The point is that many people don't believe that e-mail invented Ayyadurai 1978. Skeptics say that everything I did was write a Ayyadurai program computer called "EMAIL", He recorded, in 1982. According to these, email , in fact, preceding the program created by Ayyadurai. While holding the copyrights might be good enough for Ayyadurai, connoisseurs of the Internet aren't happy om the history.

According to various sources, the first message between two computers was sent in 1971, across the ARPANET. What would cause the researcher Ray Tomlinson became the true inventor of email. Tomlinson is not enough to take the credit for the invention, but he seems to think that the system he was using in 1971 was indeed our known email. According to the description on your site:

The first message was sent between two computers they were literally side by side. The only physical connection that they had (In addition to the floor upon which were seated) It was through the ARPANET.

_ Sent a number of test messages to me from one machine to another. The test messages were totally forgettable and I, Therefore, the forgotten. Most likely the first message was QWERTYUIOP or something similar.

When I was convinced that the program finally worked, I sent a message to the rest of my group explaining how to send messages over the network. The first network email usage has announced its own existence.

These early messages were sent at the end of 1971. By chronological and technical criteria, Therefore, Tomlinson is the man. The Washington Post published a correction, that admits diffused – and confusing – that Ayyadurai "actually may or may not" have invented the email.

We, the Geek, We will further: mainframe machines had already forecast for e-mail exchange between users in the 1960. It was all within the same computer, It is true, but the mainframes had dozens-sometimes hundreds-of video terminals (monitor and keyboard) spread across an enterprise in which were installed. Offices in other cities sometimes gained a temrinal "ass" of these, with a modem to connect to the computer in the array. Therefore, even before Tomlinson existed something callable from email.

As she ends the Gizmodo, the best thing is to consider that the child has more than one parent. Because, in fact, has.

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