Data security with 3,5 new threats per second

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Seguranca DigitalEvery second, 3,5 novas ameaças à safety de dados na nuvem são criadas, According to a survey conducted by Trend Micro on 2011. O ano foi definido pela empresa de protection de informações na internet como “The year of data breaches”, marked by attacks on large corporations and Government sites.

The researchers highlight the increasing “amazing” na quantidade de programas maliciosos para devices móveis, in particular the Androids. The two main malwares were RuFraud and DroidDreamLight, used to steal users ' data and money. “If the current trend continues, We may see more of 120 thousand applications exploits Android até o final de 2012″, evaluates the National Manager of Trend Micro in Brazil, Fabio Picoli.

Social networks were also a strong target for spammers (that send spam) and web scammers. They would have taken advantage of subjects very commented to lure users to traps. Data theft would have been one of the main causes, According to the company that developed the research, the closing of the circus around the networks so that implement personal information protection policies.

“It is important to emphasise that, In addition to maintaining a secure machine, the user also needs to be aware of when your online behavior, because the private information should not be shared publicly, No matter which social network is”, highlights. The survey showed that the number of attacks that exploit vulnerabilities decreased – of 4.651 em 2010 for 4.155 ein2011 -, but it also showed that the blows are more complex and sophisticated.

The participation of Anonymous groups of hackers and ciberativistas LulzSec was also highlighted by Trend Micro. This is because the attacks this year have changed tactics and, instead of using coups denial of service (DDoS), chose to steal data, What causes financial loss and damage to the image of the organizations.

“The data security industry in the cloud will evolve further and follow developing data-centric solutions for the era pós-PC, where users need greater visibility and certainty about who, When, where and how their data is accessed”, Finalizes Picoli.

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