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roubo de senhasThe internet accounted for over six million registered domains in the last quarter of 2011, bringing the total number to 225 million. The information is from a study by Verisign, que aponta um growth of 2,7% past records 12 months, compared with the previous year. Most, According to the survey, reside in the top level domains – the so-called “TLDs”, .com and .net., which now totals 113,8 million.

Verisign still says, through the study, the number of daily queries DNS (abbreviation in English for “Domain name system”) also increased, averaging 64 billion and peak 117 billion just in the fourth quarter of last year.

Virtual kidnapping

The study of Verisign has a section dedicated to what is called “kidnapping domains”. Basically, the kidnapping of domains consists of the transfer of an internet address to someone else's property, through password theft or social engineering. According to the survey, após assumir o control de um domínio, counterfeiters can create fake pages, hospedar content ilegal e malicioso ou ainda extorquir o proprietário original.

However, the Versign points some topics to help the owner to protect itself from this threat:

  • A avaliação das ofertas de soluções de safety de um distribuidor autorizado – e a utilização de suas ferramentas –pode ajudar e muito a reduzir o risco de sequestro;
  • Employment of best practices of using password for domain name registrations;Identify if a registry operator is using two-factor authentication to protect registrants;
  • Utilização de services como Registry Lock da Verisign (Record locking) that enables registrants to establish the conditions under which information from your registration may or may not be changed.

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