Hacker attacks caused injury of $ 1 billion to Brazil in 2011

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hacker 2Throughout the year 2011, hackers managed to steal $ 1 bilhão (or almost R $ 1,billiono) in Brazil, tornando o país o menos preparado para adotar a technology of “cloud computing”, or cloud computing – system that enables data from one server to be accessed from anywhere. A recent study by the PricewaterhouseCoopers points out that one third of companies in Brazil has been the victim of attacks – or 32%, While the global average is 23%, According to Forbes.

Another important detail is that 8% lost $ companies attacked 5 million or more. Already the BSA (Business Software Alliance), an association that joins some 100 global companies – including Microsoft, Apple, Intel and Siemens, among other -, have another bad news for Brasi. É que muitos especialistas em technology of information, According to Forbes, believe that the shift to cloud computing is inevitable. It's just that the BSA reviewed 24 countries, usando os critérios de Privacy of data, safety cibernética, cyber crimes control, protection de propriedade intelectual, It infrastructure, interoperability of technology and harmony of the law. And Brazil came in last among countries evaluated.

Japan came out in front, followed by Australia, Germany, United States and France. So, the country was classified as unprepared for the cloud computing. Mainly because they do not have laws that guarantee the privacy of this information transfer system, out weak legislation against cyber crime. information

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