Crashed in the system, and now?

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Every day we hear that "crashed" in any system that we use in our day to day. In March, a system crash of subway trains paulista harmed transporting millions of passengers. In April, a system crash recharge electronic tickets caused long lines in St. Louis terminals integration. This month is also the system used by the INSS – The National Social Security Institute stopped for a whole day and millions of policyholders were left without care in the Country.

software bugThe failures happen, But how do to manage and anticipate the errors of systems that are in our day to day so that the effects diminish the chaos that directly impacts the population?

For this there are so called software quality tests. The main objective is to detect and prevent errors in systems through tests that anticipate and identify symptoms caused by bugs, for example. With this it is possible to make a correct diagnosis so that errors are corrected easily and so contain the dreaded "stick in the system".

Imagine um hospital onde quase tudo é controlado por computers. The exams are captured and are available on the internet, that is the same channel that the doctors have access to electronic records. A system crash can compromise the health of patients. In fact, every organization, is public or private, has plenty of reasons to worry about it.

In the financial sector, the effort is not to lose millions with a single failure. This relationship translates into large investments in complex structures which ensure the functioning of an environment with a high volume of transactions in multiple channels.

A more recent was the addition of the ninth digit in cellular system in São Paulo. A operação esconde dados bem mais complexos e desafiadores do que o download de applications para atualização das agendas dos smartphones. According to Anatel, the operators had to update anything less than 500 internal systems to make the change. Not yet gave no breakdown, but can it be?

Who talks about the subject is Osmar Higashi, President of BSTQB (Brazilian Software Testing and Qualifications Board), Vice President of ABRAMTI (Brazilian Association of Improvement in it) e também representante brasileiro no ISTQB (International Software Testing and Qualifications). With more than 20 anos de experiência em technology of information, has performed over 15 thousand projects in software quality tests.

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