Superplayer comes to Brazilian music market for streaming

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O Superplayer é um novo player de music por streaming. The lists of different genres and artists are available to be heard by the tablet, celular e computer. Quickly and easily and with gratuitousness of 20 hours per month, the player also allows you to create custom lists with just a few clicks. With most users between 25 and 35 years, the platform tem projeção de chegar aos 200 thousand registered in the until the end of 2013. The State in which the fastest-growing audience is Sao Paulo, with 70% of growth.

One of the differences of the player are partnerships with music sites, DJs and nightclubs to create special playlists. In the list of partners are already Paved Music sites (, Backbeat (, Mixtake ( and Lebowski bar (, voted best new bar of SP (2012) by popular jury of the sheet Guide.


For those seeking news, the platform has the SuperDJ, that creates playlists based on user's musical tastes and suggest similar content. The interaction with the indication of songs to their friends and sharing playlists through the integration with Facebook and Twitter. Currently the genre more often heard in Superplayer is indie. The platform is more accessible during business hours.

The startup is led by Gustavo Brun Goldschmidt, Executive Director of the company, with the support of his brother, Cassio Brun Goldschmidt, that is more than 15 years in Silicon Valley. Os irmãos apontam o acesso gratuito ao Superplayer via mobile phones e tablets como um dos grandes diferenciais da plataforma, Since most products do not offer these versions without additional costs to users. "We believe that the consumption of music will be increasingly digital and, Consequently, Mobile. We want that same basic users to experience the convenience of having your songs and playlists anywhere and anytime, without requiring synchronization among all their equipment, "says Gustavo Goldschmidt.

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), digital music already represents 32% the global music industry revenue, a little more than $ 5,2 billion per year. In 2011, While the Rose just download model 8%, the number of subscriptions to streaming products grew 65%. Given this scenario on the rise, the Superplayer stands out as startup that innovates in the segment and is one of the first to invest in this model of business in Brazil.

By Paula Mascarello

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