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esquema lanYou may already have tested your connection to the internet several times. But have you ever stopped to test internal network, i.e., the speed with which the data passing by computers of your home, Office or company?

Well, at first may sound a little strange, but believe me: that's a good question. Often believe that the internal network is super fast, with shipments very rewarding. But not always your settings are contributing to such.

Then, today's tip is to test your internal network, and verify the exact speed at which data is transmitted computer for computer, and even check any extra configuration that can be done on your router and/or computer in order to improve the performance.

To take the test, Click here and download the program LAN Speed Test. It's quick and easy: just click on Start Test and in a few seconds you will see the results.

lan speed test

Interpreting the values

The data is issued in a manner more complex. But for a network administrator is not as difficult to interpret.

I will be explaining here how it's done reading/interpretation of results (using the example of the image of matter):

Computer Name: Fabiano-LAPTOP (name of the computer on the network)
IP Address: (your computer's local IP address)
Folder: (C):UsersFabiano (Directory/default folder for the current user)
Packet length: 157,286,400 (size of packet sent in bytes, which can be read only up to the first comma – other irrational numbers)
Time to complete: 0.2610000 (shipping time in thousandths of a second extended – in this case, include the 3 first values after the point)
Bytes per second: 4,821,039,080 (amount of bytes that are sent in a second, which can be read only up to the first comma – other irrational numbers)
Mbps: 4,597.7011490 (value in megabytes per second that your network is reaching, usable value up two houses after the first comma)

Remembering that Writing Means Writing and Reading means Reading. It is very likely that the read values are incredibly larger than write. Is a little confusing and complex, but it is very interesting to use this tool.

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