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adobe photoshopYou must be accustomed to hearing about the famous Photoshop, considered the best image manipulation software throughout the history of computing. Photoshop has several features, being possible to create an entire virtual world in a few hours, as well as get pimples, carnations, fix colors, hair, teeth, or simply everything. Everything can be remade by Photoshop.

But what about resizing images (change its size) or Optimize (to occupy less disk space), o que fazer se você não tem um software instalado no computer ou não deseja ficar abrindo um para tal?

Based on this thought, We developed the DG Optimizer, a Query Optimizer and Resizer of Images On Demand free, that will do all the hard work for you in a matter of minutes (or even seconds!).

You will learn exactly how to use this system and enjoy all the resources it has to offer. Check Out!

1 – The Optimizer

The optimizer has an extremely simplified graphical interface. Both for experienced users as lay people will be very easy to be using the system with all its potential.

Visit: http://dicasemgeral.xpg. br/optimizer/.

At the top, the official project banner and the menu bar, with some Useful Links do Grupo Tips in General e seus Projetos Online.

The center of the page (General content) are service information and submission form images. All in a language formally simplified and easily accessible.

In the footer, copyright information and copyright synthesis.

2 – Optimizing an image

Open the optimizer in your browser (There are no contraindications. The only requirement is that your browser has javascript and this is enabled). You will see the session Optimize. In Image file, Select the image on your computer and wait until the sending will be done automatically.

otimizador 1

From this point, the system will work as quickly as possible to process your request. Depending on your connection speed, It might take a while to send the image. Remembering that, so far, the allowed limit is 2MB per image!

otimizador 2

On the next page, information is displayed about the image sent and on the outcome of the Process. Usually, These figures are impressive, because the system is able to get a great result in a matter of seconds! See the example below:

otimizador 3

This page will display the download link for the image and also the direct link of the image, to publish on your Site, Blog or even a preview. But and there, still has doubts about the operation of the system? See the result below:

Need better to publish in your Orkut, Site, Blog, Twitter or any other site on the Internet? I don't think so. 79% the least in size and quality is very good.

3 – Resizing an image

To resize an image, usually, you would need to open a photo editing software, wait for loading, resize, Choose the compression method, format, and then save on your computer and can finally use the image.

With the DG Optimizer It only takes a few clicks and the image is already on your computer, ready to be used. Want to see how? Check Out!

First, Open the DG Optimizer ( On the right side of the page, Click on the button Resize Images. The system automatically changes to the Interface of image resizing.

Note: In addition to resize the image, the system will also make an optimization, reducing your physical size (on disk), so you do not have to return to the system again to optimize the image resized.

In the session Resize, you define the specifications for the system to work. In Set a size, you will choose the desired size for the image. There are several options available and, for sure, one of them is their need. In Relationship, you will select the resize method, where Maintain aspect resizes the image keeping their proportion, i.e., If your image is rectangular and you choose a square resolution the system resizes without letting that effect of desagrdável “stretched image”. The option Exact Proportions will force the image resizing so that the end result is the exact resolution specified.

Attention: resizing digital images is recommended, in all occasions, just to reduce images. Force increased (interpolation) will result in non-effective results, Once the digital quality never increases, only reduces.

In Image file, Select the image on your computer. This will be submitted and processed automatically.

otimizador 4

At the end of processing, you will see a page with information relating to the process of resizing.

otimizador 5

We use the same image from the previous example and we resize to 200 x 200 pixels, keeping the Aspect ratio. Want to see the result?

There are no limits of use of the system. A qualquer momento você poderá acessar free of charge e desfrutar deste Projeto do General Tips group. The system is still recent and, over time, We will improve it according to the needs and trends.

Se você trabalhar com Sites ou Redes Sociais ou conhece alguém que tenha contato grande com essas technologies, be sure to indicate this tip! I believe whose life a lot easier meche with images. Make good use, and until next time!

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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