Testing the performance of your Hard Disk

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disco rigidoYou can worry about the speed of < the style = "BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px dotted; COLOR: # 000066; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' Pal882766694hw. hwShow (event, this, "processor"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = ' Pal882766694hw. hideMaybe (this, "processor"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' Pal882766694hw. hwPlajq ("processor"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = nofollow > Processor , If your video card meets the latest requirements in respect of trends Games today… But what about HD, He only server to store information? Repondendo: Yes and no. Yes because its main function is to store the data on your micro forms to preserve them. Not because the disc also serves for your computer works well.

The Computer consists of a set of pieces working together. Each one has a particular role. For the user to get the best response it is essential that each component works correctly and with its full potential. The same happens with your HD. If it is good and is healthy, your computer will connect faster, open programs with greater ease and more.

And how do I know if my HD is really good? Simple. There is a program called HD Tune (download). It's free and has a graphical interface that is not so difficult to be interpreted. However, We will detail below the information of how to use it and how to decipher the results.

After downloading, install it on your Computer. On the desktop you will see the icon HD Tune. Click twice on the same (If Windows Vista or Windows 7 Click Yes in the window that appears). The program will open and you will see the following:

hd tune 01

Good, as you may have seen there is a check box where you selecinará the hard disk to be parsed. If your computer has more than one installed, for sure, It will be listed. Simply select the desired. On the right side of the technical name of HD we have the temperature (in degrees Celsius). This temperature, usually, cannot pass of 45. How much cooler is your HD, Plus it will last. Keep this in mind.

Below we have the tabs Benchmark, Info, Healty and Error Scan. We'll start by part of Benchmark that is to test the performance of HD.


So that the chart is filled and the fields also, Click the Start button. But attention, This can take a while. It is advisable not to use the computer during the process.

hd tune 02

At the end of the Benchmark process the program will return the values obtained during the test. See our example below:

hd tune 03

For example we use a HD Western Digital SATA II 320 GB of capacity. By means of the results we can see that this is a great HD, with a transfer (Transfer Rate) high response time and (Access Time) short. In our case the average (Average) was 82.3 MB/S (megabytes per second).


If you want to know further details of your HD such as Manufacturer, Partitions, Resources, the Info tab will show you all this. See the example below:

hd tune 04

On Supported features we can observais which features the HD supports and is using. Just below we have Firmware version, serial number, capacity and the modes of transmission of data.


Your HD is no longer new, you shut down the computer several times taking and is with that suspicion that something is not Ok. It is at these times that is worth accessing the Health tab of the HD Tune, to check if all “services” HD's are operating as they should.

hd tune 05

In our case (example) everything is Ok. But if something was wrong, was just checking on the list which is service problem. Can be: write errors, high temperature, bad sectors and a number of other resources. Stay tuned to the State of health of his friend HD!

Error Scan

Finally, the last tab of HD Tune is called Error Scan. As the name implies, This tool will be doing a check on her corrupted data blocks looking for HD. These blocks usually contribute much with the slowness of the computer and data corruption. Therefore, It is always important to be checking this type of error in HD (Windows itself already comes with a similar tool, However, does not have a graphical interface so advanced as the HD Tune).

hd tune 06

When you click Start start the full scan HD for errors. But attention, This procedure may take a long time depending on the size of your HD. As our hard drive is too big we selected the option Quick Scan, below the Start button, before you start. Done it, Click Start and wait for completion.

hd tune 07

All done. All blocks are green, indicating that the HD is perfectly healthy.

I hope the tip will help you to test your HD and get more information about the same. This piece that for many is just a memory any can mean a lot to your micro. Therefore, always have plenty of attention with everything inside of your computer. Hugs, and until next time!

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