How to remove Pen Drive securely on Windows 7

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pen driveYou, for sure, have a pen drive or at least know someone who has a, It's not even? One small device capable of loading so much information (I even got a 8 GB and one 16 GB). Rather than stay loading one lot of CDs and DVDs, much more practical and safe take everything in your Pocket. Hopes: safe? Well… Depends On! Why? I will explain.

Portable, easy and quick this really is. But when dealing with security, I'm not wanting to say just about you keep the encrypted USB drive (protected with password) or save it in a secure location. I'm talking about how you handle this device after its use, i.e., When will remove it from your computer.

Many admit: “I pull once and ready”. Other tainly: “well… I type, close the programinhas and retreat he micro and keep in your Pocket, know”. According to the logic of the operating system itself as the default settings for removable devices are applied the following policies:

Quick removal (default)

Disables write caching on the device and on Windows, but you can safely unplug the device without using the notification icon safely remove Hardware.

removendo pen drive windows 7 02

This is true? Depends On. It is true, because Windows does not save the information on the disk cache. But to keep this device in operation are not only data sources that connect, but its power source.

The quick removal feature of Windows allows you to interrupt the transmission of data at any time, He will never know the exact time that you “pull” your device for cutting your energy.

If you are a Windows XP user and are accustomed to click with the left button mouse in quick removal and select remove device safely, you are doing it right. This procedure stops all linkages between the micro and the device.

Did you know that in Windows 7 This changed? IS, Microsoft has prepared many surprises for us. The icon is still next to the clock when you connect the pen drive. Now the safely remove function was called Eject.

removendo pen drive windows 7 01

removendo pen drive windows 7 03

Well, but only this again? Not. This Eject that is next to the clock simply cuts the data on the device but not your energy. But how to cut once the energy and power remove the pen drive without running the risk of losing it? It is simpler than you think. I will show below.

First open the computer folder (Start Menu / Computer) or hit Windows Key + AND. Locate your Pen drive in the devices with removable storage.

removendo pen drive windows 7 04

Now, Click with the right mouse button on the device and select Eject.

removendo pen drive windows 7 05

You will be prompted to “the hardware can be removed safely”. This is all. Now just remove the Pen Drive on your computer.

removendo pen drive windows 7 06

As this? In computers with standard ATX power there is a feature called ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) that handles the energetic connection of devices connected to your computer. Following the above tip, Windows will send this command to the BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) immediately cut power to the device.

Seems like something unnecessary, but I guarantee: If you remember this tip every time you use a pen drive in Windows 7 You can be assured that it will last a long time but. It is worth!

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