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downloadWhen you'll download something very big for the internet, It is very common to find that piece of multipart links. You look at the entire page of links and think: “Oh my god, I'm going to have to stay awake for a week just to download it”.

Well, se você faz downloads com frequência e estes estão em partes, worth checking out this tip. It'll show you how to facilitate the downloads into parts. But attention, We do not teach you how to circumvent the system of file hosting sites, on the contrary, We will be teaching you how to use a free system to streamline the Download process, Automating the production of parts. Check Out.

First of all, Download a free program called JDownloader (Click here). It is developed under platform Java, and to use it you must install the Java SDK (the download will be prompted during installation). Once installed the program also prompts you to update your database. Soon after you'll see a screen similar to this:

baixando partes 1

The interface is very simple and user friendly. Just read carefully it will be very simple.

More simple yet you will see now. For example, We show a sample page with a download and all parties ' links to download.

baixando partes 2

Select the parts (Click and drag the pointer mouse até deixar todos os links de cor invertida). Done so press Ctrl + (C) (copy). In this way, the JDownloader will use your automatic Detector and Links, also, will test the parts and make sure all are online.

baixando partes 3

See in the example above that the JDownloader has already identified that the parties are no longer online. Let's take the test with other parts and check when they are working.

baixando partes 4

See that now it worked. The parties are online and ready to be downloaded. Just click on the button Baixat All. Automaticamente o programa jogará os links para a aba Downloads e você poderá iniciar o download clicando em um botão semelhante ao Play de tocadores de music.

THE JDownloader has anti-captcha system, It detects the letters of verification and starts automatically downlaod. Moreover, you configure it only once and wait until all parts are downloaded in sequence.

It is interesting to note that, on the side under the program, There are three options: Connections, Downloads and Speed. Connections is let in 20, Downloads in 1 and Speed in 0. This way you ensure a good trouble-free download.

Now just prepare to make many downloads. Good advantage!

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