You know what is TCP packet Prioritization?

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tcp ipYou know what is TCP packet prioritization? Not? Because it is, not everyone knows that. I believe that every user that is well understood on Internet networks know this acronym “TCP” (Transmission Control Protocol). TCP/IP são as conexões de dados que são recebidos pelo seu computer através de seu IP (Internet Protocol). For example, you're doing a Download and accelerate it downloaded a “Download Accelerator”. What this accelerator will? Simple, opens multiple TCP connections for “pull” the file by different parties at the same time.

THE TCP packet prioritization is managed to give priority to services and programs that use the internet, in order to have your continued access, Although not ceded it total. For example, If you like to download on the Internet for a specific program, prioritize high the packets and connections to the given program. However, If you use MSN Messenger during download, Why not download the priority of your packages? You can stay connected, downloading at a good speed (Depending on your connection, of course) and still be able to chat with friends and co-workers.

But how can I define these priorities? It's pretty easy. There is a program called cFosSpeed. Through him we will be defining access priorities. O programa pode ser usado free of charge during 30 days. To download for free, Click here. Done it, install it on your computer.

When installing the cFosSpeed You'll notice that a small graphic will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is normal. Across that little graph we may be looking at internet traffic that is generated on your computer, Download and Upload speed, Besides having a ping sensor in real time. Cool, not?

You can be personalisando this mini chart. To do this, basta clicar com o botão direito do mouse sobre ele e escolher a opçãoUsage graph“. In the window that appears you will see the chart in full size and may be choosing the programs that will help fill it.

priorizar pacotes tcp 1

To proceed with the prioritization of what Packages: Click with the right mouse button on the small graphic in the bottom right corner of the screen and go to options > Settings. On the left side you will see several topics, where each has a range of different options. It is interesting to note a-a-a.

In Preferences, It is interesting that the first option is configured in variable (No cooperative), because only you will be utilizing the cFosSpeed and the program will work on its own on a connection that can vary their speed at any time.

priorizar pacotes tcp 2

If you've noticed well there is an option called Encourage Ping time. What does it mean? First, for those who don't know, Ping is the time when your computer does it take to receive a package and create a connection to a remote server (Unlike speed in KBps). This is measured in milliseconds (ms). If you like Games online ou prefere que os sites comecem a carregar num período de tempo menor, It would be a good option to activate this feature. But if you prefer to make downloads faster without worrying about the time-response, you do not need to Activate. Keep in mind that favor the ping time will require your computer to have a quicker response, However, on the other hand, the speed (in KBps) will not be as fast as well. This option can also be activated at any time by right-clicking on the mini screen corner chart and selecting it.

priorizar pacotes tcp 3

In Protocols You will have a listing of the main connection protocols. The subtopics will present various options and you will be defining which protocols are most important and which are less important. For example, If you work with websites and uses much the FTP server, No one deserves that slow connection, It's not even? Then click the subtopic Server protocols and the option FTP Command set the priority, to the right side, as High (High) and click the button Save Protocols (or Save Protocols).

priorizar pacotes tcp 4

And if, by a fluke, you use those programs P2P as BitTorrent, Kazaa, Emule, Ares and wants to give a fueled the connection, to get better Download speeds, What to do? Go to subtopic File sharing and select all protocols in High (High). Just don't forget to click on the button Save protocols before closing the window!

priorizar pacotes tcp 5

A small note: If your cFosSpeed you are in English and you want to leave it in Portuguese (as our example) It's pretty easy, just right-click on the “famous” mini chart and go on Options > Select Language > Portuguese (Brazil).

priorizar pacotes tcp 6

Continuing… Now we got an important part. Let's get to the topic (left side) Programs. I will quote some important examples of programs during the tip, that will help you prioritize these and get a better result. I will be listing each subtopic with a headline in bold below. C'mon?

Voice sobre-IP

Would be those programs that use your computer for you to converse with other people by voice. A well-known example is the Skype. And he is on the list! If you use it, look it up and let their priority in Very High. It is common to observe all the programs that are listed in High, Since this type of programme always deserves a special caution, and the cFosSpeed already recognizes this “of guy”. But if you increase the maximum, probably will be even better.

priorizar pacotes tcp 7

Streaming media

Online chat programs or Players (breeders) online video and audio (streaming). Common example: RealPlayer. Want to improve the experience to listen to online radio or watch TV shows online by RealPlayer? Look for it in the list and increase your Priority. Provavelmentem will be in High, but it can be configured in Very High. This will set the highest priority to this program. Always keep in mind that when a program has high priority, When this is running, is possible until other connections fall for this to be kept. Therefore, be careful when selecting priorities.

priorizar pacotes tcp 8


If you like to play online, for sure, This topic is very important. A very common example of online game is the CounterStrike (CS). If you play it, look for it in the list and increase your priority.

priorizar pacotes tcp 9


Here you can be setting other programs that will be monitored. There are a few listed, But if you do not have that you want to handle, just below there is a new program session. In Filename Click Search and select the executable file (.exe). Write a Description for him (can be the name of the program), Choose the priority and click Add. Always remember to click the button Save priorities.

priorizar pacotes tcp 10


Chat programs (chat), Download accelerators and Feed readers. Usually some These programs do not require as much priority. So it is worth being setting according to its use and like.

priorizar pacotes tcp 11

File sharing

As we mentioned above some sharing programs in P2P, but the protocol session. And that prioritize individually these programs? Interesting if you want uTorrent stay more “tuned” the Emule, for example. Just set according to your taste and use.

priorizar pacotes tcp 12

The next few topics are for network analysis. May take a few days until the cFosSpeed collect important information about your connection and return charts for you to observe your correct usage.

Don't forget that the program is free by 30 days. If you approve the result that you offered, How about purchasing?

The purpose of this tip is to teach you (user) be setting priorities for programs and Protocols to access the Internet through your computer, avoiding that “riot” continuous information and preserving their good experience when using your computer. If you want to make a comment (take a question or say if you really worked) use the form below.

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