What makes Intel i7 Processor is best in the world?

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intel core i7You should already have if asked: What does the Intel Core i7 processor Best Processor on the planet? It is for these and others that the Group Tips in General was behind the information, and will show you this exclusive and why this processor is considered the best in the world, What are your specifications and when you can have a.

17 November 2008. This is the official date of launch the Intel Core i7. Even after almost two years, It is considered the best in the world. The first to use the processor microarchitecture Intel Nehalem, successor of the well-known family Intel Core 2. 8MB smart cache. Works with memories of up to 1066MHz in Triple-Channel (three channels). LGA1366 Socket. Native support for DDR3 memory. By means of Technology Turbo Boost each core synchronizes with each other, in a clever way, 133 MHz clock. The Technology Hyper-Threading Technology (HT), again, overcomes himself, by providing each of its four cores processing until a thread simultaneously, indicating the Operating System eight active cores.

processadorIntel Core i7-970 is, currently, the “top of the list”, with 3.2GHz of clock-speed, 12MB of SmartCache, 6 cores and supporting 64 bits.

As the Intel Core i7 supports up to three memory channels, means that the performance gain is approximately 50% greater. Moreover, your front side bus (FSB) It was replaced by the interface Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), providing a swift and effective response.

The FSB has been used since the early Intel processors. To get a sense of how it works, examine the diagram below:

diagrama fsb

The FSB is a shared bus that connects the processor chipset the. What happens is that it is not used only to connect the processor to memory. He also interconnects the processor cores. At the end, This results in a great loss of performance.

From this vision came the modernization of the bus, producing what we call QuickPath. This is composed of independent pathways. Each core has an independent line for communication with the. There Is, also, a third line of data that communicates between these processing cores.

diagrama quickpath

Loop Stream Detector

Loop Stream Detector (LSD) is an additional controller that holds instructions decoded even before these chegem up, designing processing loops. Rather than re-render this information, These are stored in an internal cache so that it can be executed from there. This results in an extremely important performance gain of, In addition to collaborating with a great reduction of energy consumption.

diagrama loop stream detection

Hyper Threading

Now named Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT), the resource Hyper Threading back to active on the new Intel Core i7, indicating the operating system twice as many processing cores, and each core in shape “two thoughtful heads”. This feature does not mean that the processing is folded, but indicates a better and full use of the resources that the processor can offer during operations that use a high power consumption. The feature has gone through a number of improvements to be implemented.

hyper threadingWith this feature, the gain can be less than indicated 10% and, in some times, until there is a performance loss. However, in the case of programs that manipulate three-dimensional objects (3(D)) This gain can reach 35%, indicating a big advantage.

A very important factor that we can observe is that, In addition to great performance, the new line of Intel processors consumes less energy, making complex and time-consuming tasks into simple fractions, cost-effective solutions.

In addition to the features mentioned above, There is much more to be deepening and knowing in Intel Core i7. In this area our goal is to show you some factors that explain why the consideration of Best world Processor.

It's not just the processor. There is a whole set of hardware that will be required for full utilization and proper processor, as for example: motherboard, RAM, HD and video card.

duvidaAnd as for the price?

Still a bit salty. In a large retail store a computer (Desktop) complete with Intel Core i7-860 expense, on average, $ 2,999 .00 (Click here). Already in notebooks, We found one with the amazing price of $ 4,599 .00 (Click here).

It is true that there are other stores that sell these products, However, not always with the same reliability. Another important factor that we should put in question is the time and the revolutions. Over time the price tends to fall and new solutions will arrive to the market. All this will help with the price drops and the possible technological ascensions.

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