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Imagine the situation: you have a lot of cool photos, with whom you would like to create a video with a kind of "slideshow" and send to your friends, play in a DVD Player or even posting on YouTube, but don't have the slightest idea how to do that. Don't worry! This is absolutely simple to be done and the Techlider helps you in it.

To begin, faça o download de um programinha que se chama foto2avi (Click here to download it) and install it on your machine. The foto2avi is a simple program, and free, for creating clips through images, videos and music. Com ele você ainda pode adicionar efeitos de transição e efeito nas images and videos, thus leaving your video even more customized, According to your taste.

foto2avi 01

Well, After you have installed the foto2avi, Open the application. Soon on your home screen, You can find, on the left side, the folders where your images are present to then select them and arrange them to create the video. In the same way, você deverá fazer com a music que deseja pôr em seu clipe (careful to select music in the smaller frame named "Sounds").

Once you've chosen the photos and songs, You can click the buttons "Edit Selected" this both in pictures and videos and sounds. Like this, You can set the transition effects, effects that will be present during the video display, Insert and edit subtitles and everything else.

On the issue of sound, You can choose the duration of the music, important factor to synchronize the music with duration the total duration of the video created.

foto2avi 02

foto2avi 03Accessing the "Settings" option, present on the toolbar logo on the splash screen of Foto2Avi, You can change some settings more techniques, as for example, the format of the video to be created (You can choose between AVI, FLV and MPEG), the format, the quality do vídeo (from 160x120p and goes up to 1920x1080p), the audio quality and also the duration time of each image view.

Completed all settings, It's time to preview your video. To do this, Click "Generate" and see how was everything. If you like, Click the button whose icon is a gear and is called "Convert". Then just write your video in a media or put it on YouTube.

Have fun!

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