10 Fun facts about your new computer

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computador novoYou searched for, find the best price, the best condition for payment at best shop (perhaps not exactly the best, but, Okay). Now you want to sit, relax and enjoy this wonderful machine that is your front. But it's not all a bed of roses. I will describe below some cuirosidades you, probably, forgot (or quite possibly forget) When you are in your “moments of glory”.

1- If you paid today £ 1,300, next week or, in the next, The same computer will be costing $ 1,000.

THE technology progresses very quickly. In a matter of days are launched new products and solutions to market. No use taking into account the price and search endlessly that, at the end of the day, always you will find best option. The solution is to invest in what actually fits within your budget and meets your every need.

2- Your computer came with a monitor too large (equal to or greater than 20 inches). To browse the Internet, view photos and watch movies is a wonder, but…

If you bought your computer inspired to play digital Games, with a large monitor you will have a great disadvantage if you don't have a good video card. The resolution of the game will be low relative to the monitor and you'll see jagged images and deformed. Therefore, pay close attention in time to get your new computer.

3- You're a home user, just use your computer to browse the Internet and perform other tasks. The new HD 500 GB or greater is. What to do with this whole space?

If you are a home user and does not use much disk space, for sure it will face with multiple adverts computers with HDs extremely spacious. Not yourself thinking that with more space you'll have a greater < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "Pal943495524hw. hwClqnaj (" performance "); return false;" style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = "Pal943495524hw. hwShow (event, this performance ", "); = "; = " hand " underline = " solid "; ";" onmouseout = "Pal943495524hw; hideMaybe (this, " performance "); = "; = " hand " underline = " "; dotted 1px oncontextmenu =" " "; return false;" > performance . If this HD come to fill and you need to pass an antivirus or even defragment, the lost time will be very great and totally unnecessary.

4- the < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "Pal943495524hw. hwClqnaj (" computer "); return false;" style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = "Pal943495524hw. hwShow (event, this computer ", "); = "; = " hand " underline = " solid "; ";" onmouseout = "Pal943495524hw; hideMaybe (this, " computer "); = "; = " hand " underline = " "; dotted 1px oncontextmenu =" " "; return false;" > computer came out at a reduced price , in the vast majority, because the operating system is Linux.

Generally users who don't pay close attention in time to buy computers, primarily over the internet, and are surprised when you connect the equipment. When the price is reduced, usually, It is because the preinstalled operating system is Linux, that is free. But not always users are able to migrate officially for this system. In this case, You will spend more money to format the computer, and install another operating system.

5- When the computer display defective, If you bought over the internet, you won't be able to complain about face-to-face.

When you buy the computer in a physical store in your city, to complain just to get to the counter and ask the seller. But if you bought over the internet will go through a long process of customer service, We will review your contact to the sectors above until you actually receive a response convinced and a positive sign. Some companies are not responsible for return shipping, i.e., In addition you suffer to achieve the return of the product must bear all its costs of transport, to reach the company that sold you.

6- If you open your computer, whether it's clean or install any new component, automatically is losing the warranty.

Within a given period (usually 12 months) your computer will have a manufacturing warranty. The Cabinet will be sealed and, in some cases, even sealed. To open your computer will require the violation of these seals and stamps. This will result in immediate loss of warranty, automatic. Some companies provide an authorization for the opening of the Cabinet, but are rare exceptions. In addition, There are some companies that remove the guarantee to the computer if it is formatted. Before you ask me, I will soon reply: This happens in Brazil. Therefore, always keep this information up to date with the company that sold you your computer.

7- Not all computer peripherals are good quality as the description can tell.

You can see a beautiful written description of computer, but have a huge disappointment to see it physically. There are wide variations of tags for a given hardware model, and if your computer had a low cost, probably, a weaker mark was used. Pay close attention in this part, because if you repent will still have a few days to go back is to acquire and replace the product or even return it.

8- If your computer comes with factory virus, your license will not last forever.

It's amazing how some people believe that the antivirus will last forever, even more when it comes to one that came from the factory. These softwares, in General, last for 30, 60, 90, 120 or 365 days. After this period, You will be required to renew the original license to continue enjoying the protection. If you are a layman user, pay close attention on that information when purchasing your computer because, for sure, an extra fee has been added to the computer's value to cover the use of anti-virus software.

9- If you threw away the boxes (packaging) where your computer came deposited, have you ever lost your warranty.

It is very common to find people who play out packs. If you've done this, be very careful. When buying a new computer, NEVER throw away packaging. They are your guarantee! When you need to replace your computer or send it to the technical assistance through the security, the company that sold the product prompts the original packaging and proof of purchase. If you do not have the packaging will not be able to prove where it came from the computer. Therefore, It is an important alert to all.

10- If you bought your computer only to enter the “Orkut and MSN”, for sure, threw money away.

Today how many and how many people use the computer only and exclusively for “Orkut and MSN”. Not so much the fact of being social networks, but by the neglect with the micro. A computer is able to perform so many tasks that cannot be used solely for a purpose like this. There are now Netbooks that are cheap and very good for Web surfing. If you are not going to work with your computer and want it just for “play”, Please, look for something cheaper and has fewer features. Not half-hearted paying a lot for a tool that can offer you a lot if you will only use the minimum possible resources. It would be a real loss of investment.

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