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A Background on Twitter can make a good impression (or not) about. This will show you a little bit about the importance of a good background, and also give some tips for you to create your own from your tastes and customs.

I know what they say about making assumptions, but I'm going to make one right now and assume that most of you understand the potential of Twitter, especially if we have something to promote. If you are not yet convinced that Twitter already “savoring” the Internet (makes a great meaning to it), so it's a bit outdated(the). My job today is not evangelize Twitter, just talk about how to create some legal funds and show how important the proper use of this space.

Default funds

In addition to the standard Twitter backgrounds, the tool currently offers 12 different backgrounds, along with colors combining pre-defined for page elements. You can also change the colors of the General Fund, of the text, links, Sidebar background (sidebar) and the edge of the sidebar. The first thing any Tweeter must do is change the background, unless you prefer a visual extremely minimalistic and without its own personality.

To change the funds is easy. Just click on “Settings” at the top of the page on Twitter, Click “Design” and then select a “theme“, or click “Change image Background” to change the background image, or even “Change Design Colors” to manually change the predefined colors. You can choose the will, because the changes will only be applied when you click “save“.

fundos twitter 1 fundos twitter 2 fundos twitter 3

The themes are good, but he still has much more

I know some of you are perfectly happy with one of the standard themes, but summer still thousands of exactly how your profiles. It would be like to walk down the street and come across several people using the same clothes that your – o que só é legal se você estiver indo para um game de futebol, for example.

The best way to make sure your Twitter page doesn't look like the others is inserting his own image. Surely those who understand will prepare your already design through Photoshop or similar programs. But if this is not your case, There are other alternatives. You can simply send a picture you took, for example. Another option is to find an image that repeats in a way appealing. Do a search on Google by “background” or “twitter backgounds” and you'll find thousands of interesting options. Some of them combine with you ;)

An interesting option is the site Colour Lovers, excellent to start if you want to have your own backgrounds. It also provides color palettes that will assist you(the) to choose the colors that best match you. THE Twitter Patterns is another great place to find backgrounds for your Twitter.

Here are some sites that create interesting funds:

Se você quiser fazer um plano de fundo com sua própria imagem existem milhares de tutorials (on Google is easy to find). Após selecionar a Imagem em seu Computer, just click on “background” and Save.

Here are some examples of backgrounds created with Colour Lovers:

exemplo colour lovers 1 exemplo colour lovers 2 exemplo colour lovers 3 exemplo colour lovers 4

Another way to create a single fund (exclusive) is using a photograph. There are various parts of it in which you will want to identify. On the other hand, only a part of this image is actually visible on Twitter. Precisely speaking, you have a few inches on each side of the page to use. This means that if you send a cool photo (and great) of your dog, for example, and it is in the center of the page, No one will see.

cachorro twitter

If you want the photo filling the entire background, the image size is also important. Must be, at least, 1280× 1024 pixels in size. Depending on the Fund and if he may or may not be well mixed with a solid color of Twitter, generally use the size 1600 × 1200 pixels and up to 2048 × 1600 pixels for certain tastes. But the size of these images can be too big, making your profile “inavegável”. If this is your case, use our Image optimizer to decrease the size of the Disk Image and even to cut it in a smaller size.

You can create a nice background using a photo that is not large enough to cover the entire page. But recommend soften the edges of the picture (famous Feather effect) and highlight a solid background, eliminating gradients around the image. Below is an example.

exemplo fundo repete twitter 1 exemplo fundo repete twitter 2 exemplo fundo repete twitter 3

The file size is another thing you will have to think a lot when creating your backgrounds. Twitter limits the file size to 800 KB, but I recommend this faithfully is less than 300 KB. When you save the image, If it is in a professional editing program, you have the option to decrease the size by percentage. But if you don't learn how to do this, Save your image and, After, pass it on our Query Optimizer for the system to decrease its size on disk automatically.

Once selected the background, You will want to change the colors of the sidebar and General Fund, so they match the background image. Prefer light colors, to facilitate the reading of texts. Do not leave blank links, or so the top links will be invisible.

Your background on Twitter can really “work for you” being an excellent business card or leaflet. Looking at the bottom your Twitter, the followers who could have ignored you shall follow him(the) and follow your routine and information. Take good care of this piece, because the “first impression” only works of first time. Even if someone just look at profile, the results will be much better if the background “induce the user to follow him(the)” so only by the background.

A custom background will give you a chance to say much more about what you do to the limited 160 characters of the field “bio“, in the sidebar. A somewhat obvious choice would be to use your logo, along with some text, Maybe something like “Follow us on Twitter and win 10% discount on your next purchase“. If you don't want to offer a product, just promote your blog/website, You can use the design elements of your site along with some descriptive text and URL/Link (Maybe your email address). If you have more than one site, may disclose all in a single fund.

exemplo fundo personalisado twitter 1 exemplo fundo personalisado twitter 2 exemplo fundo personalisado twitter 3 exemplo fundo personalisado twitter 4

A custom background is also a good way of informing people about what your company stands for, especially important if your company is well known. For example, the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, has a page on Twitter with more than 1 million followers and more 400 employees (approximately) setting up a network of marketing of the company, greatly surpassing its statistics.

When you create a custom background using the left side of your business card shall take a decision. Monitors with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, que é a resolução padrão de um monitor of 15 polegadas, shifts the center of the bottom of your Twitter page to the left less than a monitor with a resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels (17 polegadas)inches

twitter 1024 768 twitter 1280 1024

If you choose an area with approximately 200 the 225 pixels wide (on the left side), Unfortunately means that some of the images and text in this area will be covered when previewed in smaller monitors. If you decide that the promotional area of your background fits within the area visible on monitors with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, You should be working with a width of 120 pixels (approximately).

Although it is tempting, It is not a good idea to use the central part of your fund, unless you want to display your logo on the right side. The problem is that, Depending on the size and resolution of your monitor of Internet users, the central region will not be positioned exactly where it should.

Do a little or a lot, but do something

twitter backgroundIf you only take a few seconds to change the Twitter background using the “themes”, send a photo or make a custom background, He will say something about you. If you don't care enough to change the avatar and background patterns, probably other usuários pensarão: “not worth following”. And if you're using Twitter to promote your blog or company and does not have a custom background, you're wasting excellent opportunities.

Doing little or a lot, do something. Don't let your profile as it comes “of factory”. Look for customize to the fullest and let him your face. Already highlighted above the importance of doing this, so do your part.

Be aware of copyright laws. Just use images and photographs you create yourself or that come from sources that, specifically, allow you to use.


What do you think about the matter? Something to complement?

If you have a custom background, Enter your Twitter in the comments below so that other users can see your work.

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