Attack on Twitter – 5 Tips to avoid becoming the next victim

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Since the beginning of the year is going on by Twitter a great wave of Phishing, i.e., accounts of attacks through suspicious Links. The network of microblogging is famous for facilitating the sending of links and quick info. It turns out that malicious users take advantage of this facility to spread malicious links, contaminando milhares de computers em questão de segundos.

Veja abaixo algumas Tips importantes para se prevenir de ataques:

1- Pay close attention to who you follow.

It is common to find profiles following thousands of people. It turns out that, usually, you don't know who these people are, what they publish and why publish. A very common mistake are also those famous “earn followers”. Don't fall into the mistake of believing that you will have millions of followers if you follow millions of people you don't even know.

2- Check the links before you click.

Some URL shortening services like, for example, offer a feature to analyze the target URL before redirect. THE TinyURL also does this. Try to activate this feature, to protect you and your information and, course, your micro infections.

3- Avoid disclosing personal contact information.

During sometimes feel obliged to inform phone numbers and email addresses on Twitter. But attention, This can be a great “stroke of luck” for a spammer. Disclose personal information only to trusted people and that you really want to contact. If you have a website or blog, want to create a contact page with a form than disclose your email address. AND, as on Twitter it is not possible to create a form, ask them to come into your contact page and talk to you, If necessary.

4- Inspect the services that have permission to access your account.

You allowed access to your account through various online tools? Always inspect these services. It may be that that old feature you activated no longer working, but the access is being a gateway to your account. If the system is hacked, you will be an easy prey.

5- Periodically change your password.

I know it's a bit boring, but change your password regularly. Isso evita a violação de sua conta e visa sua própria safety, and also of his followers. Imagine if a malicious user access to your account and send thousands of malicious links? His followers will be exposed to many risks online. Therefore, be very careful and always change your password. In addition, é totalmente indispensável o uso de um software antivirus atualizado em seu computer. Security is never too much.

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