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destaque twitterWhat is the first thing you look at when visiting someone's profile? Most of us read first the bio, that is one of the deciding factors as to follow or don't follow this person. If your bio is empty or non descriptive little, you're losing followers in < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = ' Pal1243130859hw. hwClqnaj ("potential"); return false; "style =" cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px; "onmouseover = ' Pal1243130859hw. hwShow (event, this," potential "); =" hand "; =" underline "; =" solid "; ' onmouseout = '. Pal1243130859hw hideMaybe (this," potential "); =" hand "; =" underline "; =" 1px dotted "oncontextmenu ="; return false; "> potential ! Unlike the limit of 140 characters for Tweets , Twitter provides up to 160 characters to their Biography. Try to use them all! See this Tip how to fill in this field correctly.

Um link para seu Site/Blog e Biografia bem escrita em seu perfil do Twitter realmente fará alguma difference no número de seguidores que você tem? The answer is: Yes. Statistical data show that the Twitter profiles that have a bio attract eight times more followers that one without bio.

Write a good bio in 160 characters can be a big challenge. Tenha em mente que você não tem space suficiente para nos dizer tudo sobre você. Focus on some keywords criticism, that really can describe it(the). These keywords are also used when other users do a search on Twitter. Think of it as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specific to Twitter. Just as you would do when optimizing a website/blog for search engines, When writing your bio imagine what kind of followers you want attract.

Recommendations to write a biography on Twitter:

1- Be yourself - be real, and say what you do and like. Take your time. Have the time it takes to create the best bio as you can. Describe yourself, mention your hobbies or interests. AND, Finally, think about the kind of followers you want to attract – Select your keywords carefully.

2- Do not leave for later - If you don't have time to write a good bio on his Twitter, now is a good time to write it. Maybe you have already delayed a lot and let your bio irrelevant. Do not leave for later. Make of your bio the best of all.

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