10 reasons why you might want to use your real name on Twitter

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pessoas pretoIf you search on Twitter for sure will find profiles/accounts with a plethora of different names (fakes), many of these are totally the opposite of the real name of such Tuiteiros. It doesn't matter if your Twitter account is business or personal, You should definitely use your REAL name, trade name or mark.

10 reasons why you might want to use your real name on Twitter:

1. It will be much simpler and easier to locate it(the) in “Find People”, tool de pesquisas do Twitter.

2. Assim como em outras redes social, you won't want to miss the right of possession of his true identity or, being more direct, your name.

3. Never use name of porn Actors/Actresses. It will end with his reputation.

4. Once Twitter becomes a big family, you want your true identifidade is part of this group.

5. Nobody really will be interested by their false names.

6. If you have any alias, seu concorrente ganhará vantagem e terá a oportunidade de conquistar mais customers em potencial.

7. It's easier for people ReTuitarem, They include and make direct reference and truly with you.

8. You won't want to be evil spoken(the) by using an alias.

9. Até o presidente do Estados Unidos Barack Obama usa seu nome verdadeiro.

10. It is practical and it just will do well to you.

If your profile is already with a false name, try to change it, entering your name at the beginning or at the end. For sure will bring some result. Don't worry about what your followers will think about changing. Believe it will win more confidence in you. Remember that you can always change your username on Twitter. For example, There are 1 million de Willian’s no Twitter world, but only a @ Yourname It would be purely you.


You have your real name on Twitter? Why? Share your comments about the list above, as well as your thoughts about Names on Twitter.

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