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dicasIf you're a card-carrying Tweeter signed, or is entering into the world of Microblogging, veja abaixo algumas Tips especiais que selecionamos para você melhorar ainda mais sua experiência com essa rede social que vem conquistando cada dia mais pessoas. Take quality to his followers and relates with the Brazil and the world in the right manner and reach your goals like never. Check Out.

1 – Be honest. Have fun. Don't sell your good feelings.

2 – Funny, informative and attractive: choose two and be the.

3 – Tweet about the content of your blog/website, but also send information from other sources.

4 – Share links, Exchange ideas, ask questions, answer questions, dialogue.

5 – Faça um game de idéias e peça feedback. His followers opinarão its contents and will help further improve.

6 – Join the conversations. There are many Tuiteiros turning Twitter into a true “MSN in the open”. Join and make new friendships!

7 – Give importance with regard to every word said.

8 – Share trends, things or subjects that are new/current. Be communicative(the), don't mind can only.

9 – Share interesting resources, not just what you had for lunch. Twitter is more than a diary, is a potential great blog.

10 – Não envie jokes “without grace”.

11 – Make use of other tools that mate to Twitter and make the most of the net income.

12 – Efficiency is the key to Twitter. Basically speaking, go straight to the point.

13 – Respect the people you follow. Be interesting. Listen first, answer after. Don't waste words.

14 – Browse to learn more about the social network and their native resources. If you are a new user some veteran aid piece.

15 – Periodically update your Twitter. Your messages has a shelf life too short. Therefore, the more new, most relevant are.

16 – Avoid on-line discussion forums. Is very vulgar an account full of profanity and messages that “throw in the face” of other usuários gestos e ações obscenas.

17 – Not malevolence(the). Make friends and practise the friendship.

18 – Do not follow more people than you can manage. If there are many updates from people you don't know, messages from interesting people will never be displayed on the Time line.

19 – Keep your Profile up to date.

20 – Don't judge Twitter as useless for being simple in appearance.

21 – Contributes positively to conversations that are happening within the Twitter.

22 – Be social and interact.

23 – Share more actions than feelings.

24 – Aggregate values to your stream. Make your relevant Tweets in the best possible way.

25 – Look beyond the obvious.  Cherish. Build relationships.

26 – Learn what people care about you. Your Tweets are a beautiful sign of life. Don't abandon.

27 – Use Twitterfeed to publicize your Blog. It's much more practical to announce news.

28 – If you are using a Plugin on WordPress to auto-update, better yet.

29 – Council: Think carefully before get it on. The 140 characters have the power to help, inform or harm.

30 – Use a small user name and value more the contents and Re-Tuits of your Tweets.

31 – Twitter is a service of “short”. Therefore, be brief in all. Don't go into details, be expontâneo.

32 – ReTuite and share interesting content.

33 – Always use a service to shorten your URLs and save space for more description.

34 – Review your weekly tweets. Remember that interesting information that you published last week.

35 – Reserve a space of at least 15 characters, because when users retwitarem your message will not be cut any word.

With this piece of Dicas em General We ended the week, that way you could understand was dedicated to Twitter. If you missed any tips interesting published previously, feel free to access our website and look for what you want.

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