If your computer could speak, what he'd say?

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computador falanteJá parou pra pensar em quantas vezes seu computer tem feito o trabalho pesado enquanto você senta e relaxa na cadeira? It is obvious: computers são máquinas, and has no feeling. But by no means cease to be intelligent!

What I will say it seems corny, but for those who study the behaviour of computers and human interaction with the same already envisioned and, Maybe, You also have imagined “If my computer could speak, what he would tell me?”. It is common to happen with dogs, cats, car, bike, Anyway, various tools designed to help the man and do the “heavy lifting” by he.

Below I will mention some of the occasions and, probably, You will identify itself with one of them. C'mon?

Slow computer to connect: Just five more minutes!

Computer running slow internet: Calm, I am referring to the gods.

Burning a CD: Our, that these legal music. Believe that I heard all in less than five minutes?

Editing a photo: What is the phone this gatinha? She has computer?

Chatting on MSN: 90% do que você fala é da vida dos other. Why not speak of the new memory that I won before you yesterday?

Navigating in Orkut: Wait, see just how many people are visiting your profile. That there is not the girlfriend of John?

Reading e-mails: Your Inbox is more polluted than the air in São Paulo!

Slow typing: Hey my friend, going faster. I can calculate 2 million characters per second.

Installing Linux: At least you saved and bought a new HD…

Instalando o Windows: Will hurt more in you than me.

Searching on Google: One day I want to be that neither Google, know everything and have multiple brains.

Playing CS: Headshot!

Drawing in Paint: Had no childhood?

Connecting dial-up Internet: This annoys thee not barulinho?

Dropping Internet: I didn't want to be on your skin now…

Up just a few brief examples. It would be interesting if our computers could converse with us as friends, but here among us: still prefer it quietinho in your corner, working and serving me ;)

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