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The first concept attributed to Screen saver It would be Proteger a tela do computer contra danos físicos causados por imagens estáticas durante um longo período de tempo. This statement is correct, However the appeal leaves much to be desired on the computer. There is an active process called system idle process, which often monitors computer usage and enables other processes according to the programmed time. In the case of screen saver, will always be a resource in which the computer is checking the right time to activate.

We can classify the resource, in the present day, with unnecessary, Since the vast majority of monitors are liquid crystal (LCD) and, de acordo com esta nova technology, the problem of physical damage caused by static images for a long period of time is practically extinct.

A very interesting tip is to configure your computer to display a screen saver. Instead, vá até as configurações de energia e configure o monitor para desligar após um determinado período (in my case, leave two minutes). Like this, When the computer is not being used the monitor will turn off, ensuring the life of your device and, at the same time, saving energy.

See below on how to configure:

Go to the menu Start > Control Panel. In Search Panel (upper right corner) type Energy and click Power options.

protecao tela 01

Choose the desired plan (What best meets your needs) and, the right side of your name, Click Change plan settings.

protecao tela 02

In Turn off video Choose the desired time so that the monitor is disabled. Remembering that the monitor just shuts down after the configured time period, Since the computer idle esteje (sem uso direto ao mouse and keyboard).

protecao tela 03

From first glance it might seem strange, because the monitor "hangs" – technically, He goes into stand by mode. To return, just move the mouse.

This procedure does not indicate that the consumption of resources by computer through the system idle process is effectively reduced, but sets an excellent standard of consumption and welfare to monitor.

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