Technology satisfaction and a world in progress

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tecnologia homemBe pleased with yourself is a personal achievement, only, non-shared. And the technological satisfaction, what it's about? What are its pros and cons? Estaremos comentando a respeito e destacando diversas dicas e curiosidades sobre a Technology nos dias de hoje.

The technological satisfaction, the principle, It would be a technology too perfect to be overcome. However, This meaning is far (and very) becoming concrete. Technology has a constant advancement, uninterrupted, incessant, uncontrollable. Therefore, satisfy themselves technologically would be the same as having the technology that pleases and satisfies your needs. Nothing in addition. Being satisfied, of well, with what you have, need and really uses is what this term means.

But what if, by a fluke (or not), you are not satisfied with the technologies that are in his power? Good, This is absolutely normal. As stated above, the technology is a science in constant upheaval, and the man also. The good side of being satisfied is that technology will be fulfilling your goal, i.e., be human side, assisting and satisfying your needs. If you're not, for sure, fica imaginando aquele belíssimo Core i7 rodando em seu computer, one stereo bursting panes of your room, or even that cameraphone, GPS e tela sensível ao toque

Today the technology has become increasingly more compatible with social classes, previously, were virtually isolated. People of all classes have access to electronic devices, information technology and mobile telephony. It is a promising market and tends to grow, increasingly.

Keep in mind the following: wish that will satisfy your wishes at all times but, above all, your needs. Pointless paying a fortune on something only to “impress your friends”. This does not work. Invest in assets for yourself, and don't throw money away. The role of technology is to help the man and not mess up your life.

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