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Como reduzir o consumo de energia elétrica gasta por computers e a emissão de gases poluentes com soluções de informática sustentáveis?

Every day the media has spoken more in investments in sustainable solutions to meet the growing ecological demand worldwide and Brazil. These techniques have grown more every day, new technologies comes surging and companies and individuals has been more conscious about the needs and advantages in applying sustainable attitudes in enterprises.

A technique has heated the Green it market. Trata-se de um dispositivo de technology chamada de multiterminal que a partir de produtos específicos compostos por placas de vídeo e hubs USB, is it possible to connect multiple users to one withplugandoputer and all work simultaneously and independently, cada pessoa em sua estação com suas opções de desktop mais compartilhando todos os recursos da máquina Host.

Imagine a multiterminal small and lightweight solution, where the resources of a computer are shared within 10 workstations independently. It is energy saving, redução de custos de manutenção e sustentabilidade.

Buddy VS/XP solution has fulfilled this function and satisfied many users because in addition to the advantages of economy, still generates a workplace less polluted and better manageable.

But the process of energy savings must not be restricted to the final product. Since the manufacture of equipment must have a lot of concern about the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and energy consumption for production of the solution. The devices because they are smaller and take up little space, enabling least cost with transportation logistics. There is a great need for support since the solution is simple and complete. When necessary, the offset of the coach is just to satisfy a terminal and not a network with multiple computers, Thanks to multiterminal technology.

kit com hardwareAnother item in the list of Green IT are solution video cards, compared with the actual cards on the market, they spend less energy. The example of this, is the MiniPoint Graphics TN 502 Dual, it consumes 0,5 watts. This is the equivalent of one-tenth of spending on a clock radio 12:0 am bound per day, as energy consumption table classified by Eletrobrás.

Interesting data and tips:

According to the Brazilian Association of enterprises of energy conservation, energy waste reaches approximately R $ 10 billion a year in oil, electricity and natural gas;
THE monitor de LCD também consome menos energia que o monitor de tubo de imagem;
The use of type benjamin plug adapter (T) leads to wasting energy;
Schedule your monitor and processor to go into standby mode after some time without being used;
Unplug the monitor to download heavy files;
Try to use the monitor's brightness in graduation lowest possible level.
Technology is our provision. Just make the best use of resources, but always respecting the nature.
Thanks: Jefferson B. Baptista – Ackdata Technology Solutions

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