Pen Drive burned? Learn how to protect your device

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pen drivePen drive, Nowadays, It is as common as CD or DVD, It's not even? I, particularly, always carry two with me, to ensure that all I need is “in hand”. But, along with this there is a huge problem ally mobility: the USB ports. As so? They don't allow the connection between the device and the computer? Yes, of course. But they also are responsible for the burning of Pen Drive! Not exactly the doors, but its internal links.

When a computer is mounted, There are several cabinhos inside. Unfortunately, some computer technicians are not studying the structure of motherboard (by instruction manual) and linking anyway USB ports. In this way, If the power connector is connected incorrectly, guess: was-if your Pen Drive.

In Cybercafes, for example, It is very common for this type of occurrence, Once the computers not always are mounted with total safety, leaving many details (tests) in the background.

usb testerBut for this problem, exists < to style = "BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px dotted; COLOR: # 000066; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' hwPal499300889. hwShow (event, this "solution"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = '. hwPal499300889 hideMaybe (this, "solution"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' hwPal499300889. hwPlajq ("solution"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = nofollow > solution ? Yes, There is. A device similar to a Pen Drive was developed specifically for this purpose. He calls himself USB Tester, and is composed of a very simple circuit board, with a resistor and two leds: a red (to indicate problem in USB port) and a green (indicating that everything is OK). It is important to use this device before “stick” your Pen Drive, because if something is wrong you can avoid a tragedy.

This device can be found for sale on Internet auction sites and free trade, and the amount varies from 15 the 30 REM (Click here and see some options).

Have you ever had your Pen Drive burned by irresponsibility of some technician that you have connected the USB port incorrectly? Tell us your experiences, and let us know what you think of the idea of USB Tester, If it really works, is a trend, has good price, Anyway, send us your opinion, using the comment form below.

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