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internet explorer 9 beta 4The recent news from Microsoft is giving what to say. The new version of the most used browser worldwide has been tested by Grupo Dicas em General and believe: the results were extremely optimistic.

According to the official notes, the Internet Explorer 9 promete utilizar muito mais os recursos dos novos micro-computers, including abusing of Direct3D, a rendering feature that uses the video processor to increase performance.

In relation to its archrival Firefox, Internet Explorer always won in terms of memory usage and opening. And this was again overcome. Without the Add-ons (weighing the browser) It opens in, believe it, 0.3 seconds! Our test machine has 4 GB of RAM, 320GB SATA2 HD, Intel Core Processor 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2 GHz, Off-board video card XFX GeForce GTS 250, rodando Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

But, além do desempenho no computer, There is also a big difference in load time sites. The browser is much faster, and continues with an excellent intelligent cache system.

Let's meet the browser more closely


internet explorer 9 1

The new icon Internet explorer has replaced the previous versions, and now brings a three-dimensional air and “clean”. There were already rumors pointing to this icon on the internet. And it's not that Microsoft liked? Or maybe it already were they who had disclosed?

The visual

internet explorer 9 2

Is used with Internet Explorer 7 and 8? Because it is, I think the difference was remarkable. The new Internet Explorer is very different, especially in the part of guides that, now, stay to the right side of the address bar. However, transparency is still active and beautifying even more the browser. Some people disapprove of, but particularly found very “clean”, modern and stylish.


internet explorer 9 3

To open the Tools Menu, just click on the icon on the upper right side. A very simple menu, but that provides essential resources for maintenance and interaction with the browser.


internet explorer 9 4

Just like in previous versions, as informações de development e nota legal estão agregadas em uma simples janela informativa, with the official logo of the browser and version.


internet explorer 9 5

The default page when it opens a tab displays the most popular websites accessed with the browser. As in our test machine not access many sites, the ones listed are just a few basic examples. But, as the browser is used this list will be completed automatically, and new information will be displayed.


internet explorer 9 6

Unlike that old type of download, Internet Explorer 9 now displays what is being downloaded in the browser footer bar.

internet explorer 9 7

In addition, There is also the possibility to list all downloads made.

internet explorer 9 8


internet explorer 9 9

As in previous versions, There is the possibility of listing, enable and disable the Add-ons installed in Internet Explorer 9. A detail is that, When the browser takes too long to open, a dialog box appears in the footer of the browser informing about the Add-ons that are taking charge and making the browser slower. Very interesting this feature.

Tools for Developers

internet explorer 9 10

With an interactive description, Internet Explorer 9 Displays the explanation of the source code of the current page, as well as your scripts and style sheets. Very interactive, However, similar to previous versions, but with several improvements.


internet explorer 9 11

As Internet Explorer 9 It is still a Beta version (of tests), There is the possibility to send your comments about the browser, accessing the Tools menu and choosing the option Send report. Remembering that, for resource usage, You must have installed and activated the Windows Live sign-in Assistant in computer.

If you have not yet downloaded, Click here and enjoy this novelty. Recalling that only works on computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you already downloaded, use the comment form below and give your assessment of the browser, If the same rode well on your computer, If you find any bug. Join!

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