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21 September 2010 | In Tips | 647 views | By

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mulher irritada computadorOften we complain about the speed of our Internet connection: “for the love of God, that annoying internet”, “damn internet”, among other. But did you know that it's not always, necessarily, of your connection? I'll explain why.

When we access a particular Web site, our computer envia e recebe diversos comandos. O provedor de Internet apenas encaminha nosso micro até a rede General, to have access to infinite content. Through DNS rules, an identification Protocol, IP addresses are obtained that will make direct connection to Servers, other computers ligados à internet. These are responsible for the distribution of sites that access.

It turns out that, at times data, the volume of hits tends to grow too, bringing disorder to the connection from this server, making site navigation slow and compromised. The same can happen with any kind of Internet service.

Therefore, before criticizing your Internet, try to check if the problem is not necessarily THERE. And knows how to do it? It is very simple. Try accessing other sites. If they access faster can know that the problem is not on your computer. Now if you have 5 queued downloads, Another P2P open… There my(my) friend(the), I'm sorry, but miracle God only makes :D

Brincamos com esse tipo de Tips porque é algo meio óbvio, but nowadays with the popularization of the Internet not everyone understands how this network works. If you know, Okay. But I bet your neighbor doesn't know as much as you. Then, worth commenting about. After All, knowledge never hurts!

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