BETA Versions: you know what is and what is?

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sw testingToday the name of BETA comes in all (I believe that even in dogs). Mas este nome não significa má quality, inferior product, or something like that. There Are, In addition to software, sites, projects, and many other things in BETA versions. Se até hoje você não parou para imaginar a importance destas versões, Let's highlight a few important points.

The test

Beta versions are versions of tests, tanto de programs quanto de sites. Therefore, do not disregard. When something is in testing phase, It is necessary much use and feedback (comment). Tenha em vista que aquele content é dinâmico, and with each new update will be deployed new features, So how will be corrected several errors. I.e., It will look better every day pass.


Usually these trial versions are free, and can be tested and commented on by anyone. Therefore, part. Sample, comment, and help improve.

In addition to these factors, existem diversos other que você descobrirá ao utilizar produtos ou serviços em versões de testes. Cherish this work, because they are of small actions that form great revolutions.

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