Protect your Emoticons and do much more with the Messenger Discovery Live

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homem notebookIf you are user of Windows Live Messenger knows that it is a system very < the style = "color: rgb (0, 0, 102); text-decoration: underline; border-bottom-color: currentColor; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted;" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' hwPal1203372510. hwShow (event, this, "practical"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = ' hwPal1203372510. hideMaybe (this, "practical"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' hwPal1203372510. hwClqnaj ("practical"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = "nofollow" > practical of direct communication between people around the world , whether by text, voice or video. You, probably, know the Messenger Plus! Live, an extension for Windows Live Messenger currently widespread, However it is not compatible with all versions. But let's meet, from this Tip, another extension, call Messenger Discovery Live, that will further increase the resources available.

Have you ever tried to copy the emoticon of some contact and failed? Because it is, This tip will teach you also do this, and prevent “Control C on duty” te imitate at any moment.

Downloading the Software

1 download messenger discovery live

The first step is to download the Software. Click here e faça o download free of charge. The file is small, about 2MB in size. However, After installation, is likely to appear a window asking to update the software. Do that and wait for the new download complete.


After finishing the Download, run the downloaded file. If you are prompted for administrator permissions, Click Yes. On the first screen of the Setup program, Click Next.

2 instalacao discovery 1

Done it, the program displays the installation options. Click Install before Setup begins.

3 intalacao discovery 2

In this step, the installation is being performed. Wait until the end of the process.

4 intalacao discovery 3

Finished installation, Click Complete. If the check box Open Windows Live Messenger checked, automatically opens Windows Live Messenger when I click Complete.

5 intalacao discovery 4

Exploring new options

Open Windows Live Messenger and sign in using your Windows Live ID (email) and password.

6 entrando windows live messenger

The Discovery Menu

From now on there is a new menu in Windows Live Messenger: the Discovery Menu. From this menu you can configure other options Discovery Live, increasing even more your experience to your messenger. Note that this menu (in new versions of Windows Live Messenger) icon shaped will appear at the end or at the beginning of the main window. Click on it and go to Settings.

8 configuracoes discovery live

In Settings (Settings) We will see several tabs at the left and top. These can be used to configure the features of the extension and enable new capabilities in your messenger. First, change the language of the extension to your preferred language (in our case, Portuguese-Brazil).

9 alterando idioma

Done it, Click Ok. You will need to reopen the settings. To do this, Click the icon/menu Discovery and select Settings.

Exploring the settings

Now let's explore some of the key settings and extension options. Remembering that each tab from left will be reported as a title (in bold).

Windows Live Messenger

In this tab we can set options that affect directly the instant messaging program, as polygamy (open multiple instances of messenger at the same time), change default search system, show messenger in the system tray, among other.

10 aba wlm discovery


Want to call someone's attention several times, without having to wait for that? Then this is the right tab for you. And what about lock your contacts copy your emoticons? Surely you ever tried to copy the emoticon from someone and failed. Want to know how to do this? Is simple: simply check the option in these configurations.

Send unlimited files at the same time is also possible. And when your window is by shaking it to receive a request for attention? This is annoying, It's not even? As leverage to block!

11 aba mensagens discovery

Tabs Sent and Received There are many other options that can be configured. Explore and discover!


By default, the messenger it shows when contacts sign in. But what about being able to know when contacts come out? Or perhaps be warned when someone entered appearing Offline (invisible)? Talk with him(She) just in time, and make that surprise. You can also be notified when someone (possibly) Open a conversation window with you.

12 aba alertas discovery

See also tabs Filter and General, and further personalise your alerts.


Nowadays protection is a word that is increasingly present in our daily life, but not in the sense of efficiency, but need. With the Discovery Live You'll be safer. Enabling this option, the extension will examine the sites accessed, in order to prevent them from stealing your personal information relating to messenger.

13 aba protecao discovery


How about sync your Windows Live Messenger account directly with Facebook? With this configuration it is possible to. Synchronize contacts, display picture and more. Configure your Facebook account by aba Account.

14 aba facebook discovery


Plugins are old acquaintances who uses the extension Messenger Plus! Live. However, the Messenger Discovery Live It also allows installing plugins. These Plugins that will further enhance your experience with the messenger, allowing new features are present in your software. For this configuration tab you can manage installed Plugins, as well as add new, configure them or remove them.

15 aba plugins discovery

Your opinion

You have already used the Discovery Live ever? If you have not used, I believe that from now on will seek to exploit its resources. Tell us your experience with the extension, What did you think of this Tip and if you already fell into any of pranks that can be done through the appeals. Use the feedback form below and communicate with us and with other users.

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