5 Tips to get a quality Sound

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aparelho de somHá algum tempo publicamos aqui no Dicas em General uma matéria dizendo sobre os tipos de potência de som, their virtues, defects, advantages, disadvantages, among other. This, daremos algumas dicas práticas de como obter o melhor som possível usando o seu computer para conectar em sistemas de som externos, as micro Hi-Fi systems or home theaters.

1- The cabling

Always give preference to good quality cables. No matter (Very much) the brand, because depending on this price will be higher or lower. But always try to observe those cables are more malleable (flexible), because these are more resistant to kinks that, probably, will be made.

The connectors must also be carefully observed, because these are bad manufactured or placed in wear may have all or part of the sound input/output.

Auzen X FiHomeTheaterHD2- The sound card

Nowadays, todos os computers vem com placa de som onboard (in-app), It already is a good option. All you have to do is buy a cook with cable output P2 (Sound card) for the input of your sound system (usually, RCA). However, There are those who want a higher-quality sound, power and adjustment. That's on the market several options of sound cards. It is worth remembering that the models that offer better features are too expensive, sometimes even more if compared with a video card.

3- The connection

The auxiliary connection, made with the junction of P2 with RCA is a good option. But it is worth remembering that, If your computer has a digital output (Coaxial or optical) and your stereo has this type of input, use it will be extremely advantageous. It is clear that the cabling costs are bigger, Since it is not any cable that can be used in this case. For example, the is a cable with Coaxial RCA connector, but not just any cable, He needs to support the total force that will pass by it without losses, and in case the sound will be transmitted fully digital link. The optical system is a little more complex, because it puts the sound into digital signals of light, What ensures amazing quality. And the cable must also be of good origin.

4- The sound system

Independent sound system adopted, It is very important to know the limits, qualities and defects. There is a great diversity in the market. Always choose the one that more fits with your needs, and never give up the quality. Power is a question the part. Prefer the quality, so your sound surpass all your expectations.

5- Designing the environment

It is very common to see people acquiring sound equipment, primarily surround, and don't know where to position the speakers. Usually, This type of sound is divided into channels, and each channel must be positioned in such a way as to provide the correct mix of frequencies, providing three-dimensional sensation. Always check the manual if in this project, or check the diagram below:

posicionamento home theater

Faça isso e aproveite o melhor da Technology audível, that today really surprises us with the sensation of realism. Nothing better than a sound quality to watch those movies, listen to the songs on the MP3 or even the favourite radio, It's not even? Have fun!

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