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Have you heard in Blu-ray? For sure, Yes. After all today this term is widely used in the world of technology. And you, have idea what it is? Know only a few specific parts? Understand exactly what it is and what it's for reading the story below.

Blu-ray, also known as BD (of Blu-ray Disc) is an optical disc format of the new generation of 12 cm diameter (equal to CD and DVD) for high-definition video and high-density data storage. The Blu-Ray makes use of a violet color laser, whose wavelength is 405 nanometer, Enabling write more info on a disk of the same size used by technologies prior (the DVD uses a red laser 650 nanometer).

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The Blu-ray got its name from the blue color of the laser beam ("blue ray" in English means "Blue Ray"). The letter "e" of the original word "blue" was deleted because it, in some countries, cannot register, for a business name, a common word.

A joint Blu-ray disc can store between 25 GB or 50 GB and, in some cases, This value can reach up to 100 GB. The DVD you have in your home can store, on average, 4 gigas and means of data, and a CD can only save 700 MB. What is interesting is that a Blu-ray disc has the same dimensions as a DVD and CD.

High definition televisions require that files are a lot heavier, they need to offer a very high resolution. In this way, store a HD movie on a DVD disk would cause the file still does not achieve a playback quality compatible with the new technology of televisions. Like this, the Blu-ray has emerged to solve the problem of space and allow the quality of the images and audio are the best possible.

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Another important feature of Blu-ray is your resistance to scratches and fingerprints due to its morphology. The disks have a layer of substrate, whose trade name is Durabis, It is composed of a layer of substrate 1,1 mm to one side and 1 mm for the other to allow the creation of more data files and the use of only one side. Initially, It was thought to create them as cartridges, similar to floppy disks for   computer, but the TDK discovered a substrate which avoids the scratches and make it easier to read (even though now they are far less common) When fat dirty. This new feature is greatly appreciated by users, because it hinders the emergence of defects such as in scratched CD and DVD.

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Have you experienced any appliance that read high definition Blu-ray discs? Had some contact, even though distant (in any electronics shop), with the technology? Tell us what you think, If it's really good, viable and has consumer perspective.

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