After All, you know exactly what is DirectX?

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Who plays in computer already know: the DirectX have to be always up to date and your video card must support a recent version. But, After all, have you ever stopped to think about: What is it, exactly, DirectX? Maybe he is a program, a driver, a processor, a file? Read this and get your questions answered.

DirectX was designed by Microsoft. Is a collection of APIs that deal with programming-related tasks Games for the Microsoft operating system Windows, This is, who standardizes the communication between hardware and software. With the standardization of communication, DirectX provides instructions for that not only games but also programs that work with graphics and its hardware make use of their resources. DirectX was originally distributed by the creators of games along with their products, but then it was included directly in Windows.


directx9 xDirectX works in the form of command objects interfaces and style, as well as administering objects. Include the DirectX components that are:

  • DirectX Graphics, including two APIs: the DirectDraw: for drawing 2D graphics. the Direct3D: for drawing 3D graphics.
  • DirectInput: for distribution of control devices – keyboards, mice, joysticks, or other game controllers.
  • DirectPlay: for communication in local network computers or internet.
  • DirectSound: for the playback and recording of waveform sounds.
  • DirectSound3D (DS3D): for the playback of 3D sounds.
  • DirectMusic: for playback of soundtracks or played in DirectMusic Producer.
  • DirectX Media: including DirectAnimation 2D animation for the web, DirectShow for multimedia playback and streaming media, DirectX Transform for interactivity on the internet, and Direct3D Retained Mode for higher levels of 3D graphics. DirectShow contains DirectX plugins for audio signal processing and DirectX Video Acceleration for video playback acceleration.
  • DirectX Media Objects: support for streaming objects such as encoders, decoders, and effects.
  • DirectSetup: for the installation of DirectX components.

In A Nutshell, DirectX is a set of drivers, i.e., drivers that enable greater user interaction with the graphical interface of your computer, promoting the full use of the features of your image processor.


With each new version there are new and better performance for certain games and programs. For example, a user wants to run a game that is compatible with DirectX 9.0 or higher, but your video card (that has an architecture and instructions on how to perform their versions of DirectX) still uses the DirectX 8.0. When running the game, He will ask directions that exist only in the versions ever of 9.0. As the user still has the version 8.0, It will not recognize the statement and issue a “jeitinho” (emulating the statement). Like this, the end result will not have the overall quality that the game or program offers.


To find out which version is installed, go Start > Run (or the key Windows R). Type “Dxdiag” (without quotes). In “System information“, in the last line, There will be the “DirectX version“, which shows that version you are currently using.

Now that you know exactly what is DirectX and so it works, I bet every time you install a new game or even play that game you will pay enough attention on favorite graphics and will see that all your front is being emulated by this driver set. Interesting, It's not even?

placa de videoYour experience

If you're already sure games fanatic traded his off-board video card. With the evolution of graphic cards DirectX supported by them is becoming more and more recent. Have you ever noticed some time a same game has gotten prettier with a modern video card? Or even when you formatted the good old XP to install Windows 7, for example, and noticed a big difference in textures? Leave your opinion below.

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