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Wireless Internet, wireless, wi-fi, internet via radio. You surely know. Now, If you actually use knows how much is tricky suffer from interferences that happen. So General, This wireless network operates at 2.4 GHz, i.e., same frequency of microwave ovens, Cordless phones and various other equipment.

internet wirelessThe equipment using the technology wireless network send signals by electromagnetic environment, creating an electromagnetic field around themselves. This field, in touch with another field of same frequency, generates interference between the waves, corrupting the information here contained.

So, not always when the connection she disrupted fall arrives (literally), but it is very likely that the packets of data sent will be corrupted (for example, a download will be severely affected), In addition to the ping (response time between your computer and the remote server) stay on the heights. Remembering that, the lower the ping, the better the quality of your connection.

Wireless connections are generally known by the high response time (ping). But know that it is already being taken from lyrics. You might not know, but is there an equipment not totally immune but very resistant to interference and that offers a very low ping, at a distance of up to 30 miles. Remembering that this equipment is for external use.

quarto geekI'll tell my own story: in my residence I: Mobile, notebook, desktop, microwave, television, phone, Anyway, everything that a modern home has today. My internet connection is via radio, where I get the connection through an external antenna that picks up the signals sent by the provider, approximately 1 km away (straight line). Here inside, I use a wireless router that transmits signal to re-issue the wireless equipment.

A few times over here, It was practically impossible to navigate: high ping, dropping internet, Anyway, that pessimism. It was then that I decided to take a big step, installing a 5.8 GHz. As the value is approximately 65% more expensive than the 2.4 GHz is virtually unaffordable for the providers offer this type of equipment in lending. So, This is only used between signal repeater towers.

antena 5.8ghzPurchase the equipment, installed and believe me: ping from 1ms to the ISP server. I.e., What was above 100 now hardly passes of 1%. Another positive point is that exempts the use of a PCI card or USB on computer, and even a router. This same, the antenna itself has an installed software that brings the internet directly in network cable. The antenna can be positioned up to 100 metres from the computer that the connection will always be fast.

The default 2.4 GHz systems hold up 11 channels. Already the of 5.8 GHz may have more than 40, i.e., more channels to take advantage. With the guarantee of more channels cleaned with certainty the connection will always be very good. Unless they have many towers which broadcast on the same channel, This interference is unavoidable. Perfect, also, the system is not, but it is incredibly better.

I think it's a shame the providers do not invest in customers with this technology, but I guarantee if she is even widespread will help lots of people, mainly anyone who suffers with interference, as was my case.

Below I leave some pictures so that you know a bit of the system. Please send your comments!

airgrid m5

AirGrid POE 2

cabo rede conectado

sistema antena

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