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twitter em portuguesATTENTION: Twitter has released the official version of Twitter in Portuguese. To learn how to translate your, Click here.

One of the biggest criticisms of users of Twitter always was that the social network is not yet available officially in Portuguese. But how about using it in our language? THE Group Tips in General created a solution for the problem. See how easy it is to use it.

-Click the name of the browser you are using:


Mozilla Firefox

Want to check out the tip in video mode? Click here!

First, you need to have the browser Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.10 installed and running on your computer. If you don't already have, Click here, Download and install it (soon we will present the translation in other browsers, Hold on).

One of the cool features of Firefox is the possibility to install Addons, i.e., plugins that make the browser even more functional. We will use one for this tip, called FoxReplace Version History, But if you prefer or are encountering problems Click here and download our specific add-on for translation (Note: It is not as efficient as the other method). Click here to access the download page FoxReplace Version History. Once the page loads, Click the green button named Add to Firefox.

imagem centro twitter 1

By security measures, Firefox does not automatically install extensions. Then, You will see a yellow bar at the top of the page. Click on the button Allow.

imagem centro twitter 2

Again, Firefox does not automatically install the extension. But this time you will see a small window, with brief information about the add-on. Wait for four seconds and click the button Install Now.

imagem centro twitter 3

Wait until your computer download and install the extension. Depending on your Internet connection and network load, the process may take a few minutes. Please, be patient. If you appear some error, Repeat the procedures described above.

imagem centro twitter 4

For the add-on will work, You must restart the browser. To do this, Click on the button Restart Firefox the browser automatically closes and opens.

imagem centro twitter 5

As soon as the browser is started, a small window will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen, indicating the Add-ons you have installed, and which also were installed new Add-ons. But, as our goal is to use the FoxReplace Version History, find it in the list, Click on its title (in bold) and click the button Options.

imagem centro twitter 6

A window will open. In this window, We will configure the add-on options, indicating how it will work for us.

imagem centro twitter 7

The first step is to select the option Update from URL, for caring about the preferences of one of the servers General Tips group (via a URL). Remember: If you click on the button Import from URL probably give some error. Therefore, Enter the reported values without clicking ali. Let's fill the field with the following information:


Period (minutes): 1440

Marque (Select) also the options Replace automatically on page load and Address override (links and image sources) and click the button Close.

imagem centro twitter 8

Done it, restart your Firefox (browser) so he can download the Dictionary online.

From now on, every time you access Twitter just wait a few seconds that the magic will be reality, i.e., He auto-traduzirá. See only the result:

twitter em portugues

It may be that your browser looks like “caught”. But don't worry, He is just doing the heavy lifting for you. After a few seconds it will return to normal. And if you load more Tweets or even use the new Twitter, You can tighten the F2 of your keyboard for translate the page manually.

Google Chrome

If you are user of Google Chrome, Click here and, in the window that appears, Click Continue.

twitter em portugues chrome1

Now, Click Install.

twitter em portugues chrome2

A small balloon will appear in the upper-right corner, informing about the completion of installation.

twitter em portugues chrome3

Done it, Open Twitter in your browser and check out the result!

twitter em portugues chrome4


If you use the Opera browser, see this step-by-step guide to translate your Twitter.

First, Click with the right mouse button here and select the option Save the content as link…

twitter portugues opera 1

Now, Select the folder Documents (or My Documents) and, inside her, create a new folder named TWITTERPT. Save inside this new folder.

twitter portugues opera 2

Now, Let's configure Opera to find our translation Script. Click the Main Menu > Settings > Preferences.

twitter portugues opera 3

In the tab Advanced, Select Content and click Javascript options.

twitter portugues opera 4

Then, define the folder of our Translation Dictionary. Therefore, in User JavaScript folder, Click Choose and select that folder that you create inside of documents, named TWITTERPT and click OK.

twitter portugues opera 5

Open the Twitter and check out the result (Note: Deadlocks can arise during the translation and the page goes blank. Don't worry, wait that soon returns to normal – Depending on the page, If you have too much text to be translated, It could be that she is fully locked, Therefore the translation still doesn't work perfectly).

twitter portugues opera 6

Internet Explorer

Unfortunately we did not find a way more efficient than the one shown here to Twitter's translation in Internet Explorer. For being a browser too “closed” external resources are smaller, but not impossible. Nothing prevents, later, prepare a different solution and more specific.

First, in the browser, Open this link ( Through him you will download and install Google Toolbar.

Done it, When you open the Twitter, on the bar, Click Translate so that the social network is displayed on Portuguese. Remembering that this solution is not as effective as the translation in the browser Mozilla Firefox using the specific Plugin.


The translation It is not perfect, but by the time we're beefing (as far as possible).

Case of new changes on Twitter, You will receive the translation update automatically. And if you notice any errors in translation, Please, contact us and notify us.

Take advantage of the Twitter in Portuguese! Ah, don't forget to disclose the idea to your friends! :D

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