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You're used to(the) Watch and download videos daily, It's not even? But what you ever, for whatever the reason, had to remove the sound from that important video? See how simple it is to do this.

First of all, We need the program Format Factory, que é distribuído free of charge and can be downloaded by clicking here. Baixe-o e instale-o em seu computer.

Done it, run the program and click the tab Audio, in the left part of the window.

convertendo video som 1

See that in the list appear several known and unknown formats for you. Select the format that best please you. In our case, All to MP3.

convertendo video som 2

Now you will see a smaller window, where you will select and drag the(s) file(s) shat video will be converted to sound. Note at the top there is a button titled “Output settings“. Deseja increase o volume do áudio ou o bitrate? Then there is the correct location.

convertendo video som 3

By clicking here you will see some pre-configured profiles, among them High, Average and Low quality. Select your taste and need.

convertendo video som 4

And you still have the option Adjust Track, where you can cut only the portion of the video that interests you. Well, all adjusted, Click Ok. You will see in the list(s) video(s) ready to be(in) converted(s).s

convertendo video som 5

All ready, just click on Start to start conversion. Dependendo do tamanho do vídeo e da capacidade de seu computer a tarefa pode ser rápida, or time-consuming.

convertendo video som 6

In our case, as the video had only a few minutes long, 3 seconds was the time spent for the conversion. Fast, It's not even?

As soon as it is converted to the destination folder where the audio file is saved automatically opens.

Now just take! :D

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